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Huey, Dewey, and Louie…

Not Donald’s nephews, those aren’t the Huey, Dewey, and Louie I’m referring to. Nope, in this case it’s the three owlets from Philippe Park, who, according to the pictures I’ve seen, are now sitting on tree branches posing nicely for photographers. Just not this photographer. While all around me people were exclaiming that they could see all three of them, and remarking about how adorable they were, and ‘oh look, he’s looking right at us’, all I could see was lots of Spanish moss, and not much else.

Eventually we took a break and ate lunch while enjoying this view.
People insisted that I take a picture of the split in the tree. A baby was there they assured me. They were right.
Someone had something to say.
See that blob that this one seems to be talking to? Well, that’s his brother! Or sister!
This was the picture that convinced me that that really was another owlet up there.
As bird babies go I have to admit that these are the cutest of them all.

What to do those other photographers have that lets them get such great pictures? Better equipment? Steadier hands? More patience? Or just dumb luck. Probably all of the above. But I came away unconvinced that I’d gotten much of anything at all so it was another nice day in paradise for me. And a nice chat with a couple of photographers that I met a long time ago, and we are all still taking pictures.

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