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More birds…

As the owl and eagle ‘kids’ prepare to fly the coop, literally, the rookery is full of birds who are busy feathering their nests to get ready for their own crop of newcomers.

That looks to me like mom on the left because she looks bigger, and Dad on the right. He had just returned from a jaunt around the area. It looked like he brought back some more building materials, the kids must be doing some damage to the nest.
This is basically it for what we saw that afternoon. Mom stayed in place the entire time we were there. She had a few things to say to Dad when he returned. Aside from several wing flaps from one of the eaglets there wasn’t a thing going on.
This is as close as I came to an eagle action shot. Dad was heading out on a mission.

Meanwhile, back at the rookery…

You can imagine the action I thought I was photographing when I took this picture. And 30 more just like it. If that is going to be their nest they have a long way to go.
Tricolor Herons were frequent visitors to my backyard in Spring Hill, but they hardly ever stayed still long enough for a photo. This one was more cooperative. I hope they will nest at this rookery since I’ve never seen a baby tricolor.
I think he knew how handsome he was all decked out in his breeding plumage.
Ever present, and always beautiful, the great egrets were in abundance also.
While wood storks aren’t the prettiest birds in the area, when they fly they can look positively beautiful. Until they put their landing gear down.
One of these birds is not like the others, one of these birds just doesn’t belong. Just a little Sesame Street ear worm for you today.

Muscovy ducks used to terrorize my son’s neighborhood, but his dog Roo encouraged them to move on out of the yard. So I thought they were a PITA, but I have to say that the ones in the feature photo look spectacular.

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