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Adorable owlet pictures from the night before had me rousting myself out in time to get to Safety Harbor for the sunrise this morning. I left shortly after I took these pictures, and once I saw a friend’s pictures from a little later I clearly left too soon.

The sunrise was a bit concentrated in just one spot this morning.
And then the sun was up, and I was off to the park.

This cute owlet was in a neighboring tree to the nest tree. How nice that he is out from behind all the Spanish moss, but it would have been nicer if he wasn’t hiding behind all the twigs.

Oh that face, twigs and all.

As much as I enjoyed seeing the sunrise and the owlet, it was a sad day at Philippe Park. Dog walkers discovered one of the baby owlets lying under another tree close by. Current theory suspects that it ate a poisoned rat, which I was told is what killed all three of last year’s baby owls. Both of the other babies were in the trees this morning, so that was good news. But I was a little surprised at how sad seeing that little pile of feathers made me. Life isn’t a Disney movie, as much as I wish it was…

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