And it begins…

We have a new crop of babies for 2022. I only saw wood stork chicks, and only in the two nests that were highest up in the shrubbery. Another photographer there said that those two nesting spots are the most prized, and the eggs laid there are always the first to hatch. I have no reason to doubt her.

I think these are the cutest little chicks.
They grow into such odd looking adults, but they start out cute at least.
Do I see a third chick?
Egrets are such elegant adults. Soon we’ll see their chicks, which I don’t find cute at all.
When I took this shot I thought I was looking at the little blue heron. My friend took the same pictures at the same time, but his looked more like a reddish egret. I checked on Merlin and it offered both as possibilities.
A pile of snowy egrets.
The supervisors.

I always have all my camera equipment in the car, or so I thought. I intended to use my bigger lens at the rookery, only I left the camera bag back at the house. Perhaps it’s just as well. Last year I stopped for pictures and then stood beside my car putting the camera away, and drove off leaving my heavy tripod I bought to go with the heavy lens behind. One of these days I’ll have to buy another one if I ever hope to use that lens again.

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