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Fence sitters…

A lizard came to join me and another photographer as we stood on ladders peeking at the goings-on at the rookery near my house. The term fence-sitting came to mind, and I realized that that’s a term that could apply to me. When I’m being kind to myself I could call it a virtue, being able to see both sides of an issue. My husband wouldn’t have been quite so kind. He was a more volatile personality, frequently mad at someone over what seemed to me to be not such a big deal issue. So I’d point out how that other person might be viewing the issue and my husband would get mad at me then, for ‘always taking the other guy’s side’. But he listened. Maybe it’s my Facebook feed lately. It’s full of stories of courageous women in history who spent their lives getting involved, making the world a better place for all of us. I wonder to myself what I would have thought if I’d lived back then, as if the world couldn’t use some improvement right this minute. In my own little universe I spent my life as a peacemaker. My lifetime has seen some incredible events take place in the world at large, but for those I’ve just looked on, sometimes in horror, but I’ve essentially been riding the fence. A watcher while this runaway train seems to keep building up steam…

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