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On closer examination…

I often begin telling myself stories about the photos I’m taking while I’m taking them. Looking through the lens I think I know what’s happening as I’m watching, but equally as often I am totally off the mark. When I was taking pictures of these anhinga chicks I thought I’d say they are the three amigos, just singing together while they wait for mom to show up with food. Kind of like this photo. Except of course for the fact that mom was actually present, but her dark color had her blending into the background.

The family that sings together…

The reality of the situation was revealed when I looked at the pictures in the computer. It was a different situation all together. When a photographer friend said that anhinga chicks feed by sticking their beaks down their mother’s throats I said that I was glad I’m not an anhinga. And I am… glad that is.

Again, ouch…
Perhaps we’ll see cattle egret chicks before too long. That would be a first for me.
This egret photobombed my shot…
I knew there were chicks in this nest, but I had to wait because it looked like a pile of feathers as I concentrated on the other birds. Then mom and dad stood up.
Have I mentioned that it was breezy that morning?
I was paying attention to these three wood storks because it looked as if they were all laying on one nest. When they got up I saw two nests, and if you look real carefully you will see a tiny, tiny chick in the bottom nest.
Maybe it really does take a village.
These wood stork chicks are a far cry from the tiny one in the last photo. I love the wooly look they get at this stage.
And last but not least, a close up of the egret chicks who will one day grow into such beautiful, graceful birds. But right now not so much…

Since I can’t ride past this nest on my way to and from just about anywhere you will be seeing baby birds a while longer. Nature at her finest!

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