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Catching up…

Sometimes you just can’t win. I’m not talking about my recent trip to NH, that was great. I had taken a Covid test ahead of time and masked up for the trip, just to be careful. It was on the way hoe that I dropped the ball. I totally forgot to mask up, and when I realized it I still didn’t do it. So I came down with a cold that has had me doing next to nothing since I’ve been back. Add to that computer issues, and instead of working on pictures I took while I was away I’ve been obsessively ‘working’ on Wordle, Quordle, and Octordle, and that’s about all I’ve been doing. Good for the brain I suppose, at least that’s something.

Beautiful New Hampshire. I brought the Florida heat with me, but this scene looks nice and cool.
We never did spot the Canada geese chicks that everyone else was spotting daily.
I so enjoy the chipmunks that are everywhere, or underneath the bird feeder at least.
This Chipping sparrow looks like he is related to the chipmunk.
Goldfinches enjoyed the bird feeder after we solved the squirrel problem.
Mr. Goldfinch was harder to capture in a photograph than the Mrs. was.