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Sunrise from the bridge…

I was up early enough that any of my favorite sunrise locations could be reached in time. The sky, however, didn’t look all that promising, so I let the price of gas decide where to go for me. I stuck to my 4 mile trip to the Pithlachascottee River overpass, and it looked quite promising when I arrived. The lights and their reflections looked nice, and the sky held a hint of color. At least the iPhone photos were bringing out the light. Did the sky ever catch fire? No, it stayed pretty well subdued, but I have to admit that it felt good to get out early, when the temperature was a humid 74. The Sunshne State is living up to it’s name lately.

I walked to the far side of the bridge to include the boats in my photo.
And since the moon was hanging around up there I decided to try and get it in my shot.