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Farewell to the 4th…

Things are not always as they seem. The lovely cool-looking waterside view in the feature photos is actually where I sought to recover from the sweltering hot dragonfly photo session I had just attempted. The dragonflies were having none of it, and I didn’t find the shade to be much of a relief at all. I haven’t minded the summer in Florida as much as I have this year. But I got away a lot the last few years. Plus instead of my part time job taking up time and making me feel as if I’d earned some relaxation time in the afternoons, I’m twiddling my thumbs and mad at myself for not ‘doing something’. We did do the fireworks on the 2nd actually, and I posted photos already. But after watching my friend edit his photos I went back to mine and worked on some more of them that I hadn’t used before. But this is the end of them, I think.

I love that this looks like a flower.
I liked the greens in this one.
I deliberately tried NOT to get any of the lights at ground level in my shots. Now I think that was a mistake.
Since I didn’t know where in the sky the next display would be I had a lot of photos of half of a pretty bloom of light. I really appreciated the ones that I happened to catch in full.
Lots at once.
I liked seeing some of the blue color.
Blue again.

A final view of the fireworks. I have no clue what will come next but I suppose I’ll figure that out.

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