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Gastronomically speaking…

I had several ulterior motives in mind when it came to this recent trip of ours. Going back to Red’s Eats was first and foremost on the list. So as we approached our first destination of Boothbay Harbor, ME I was heartbroken to drive past a closed and shuttered-up shop. It looked so sad and forlorn without the crowds out front and spilling down the hill to the right. I needn’t have worried though, it was only that it was Monday, they would be back in business the next day.

That hill looks shorter from this angle. The umbrellas will shade customers as they enjoy their food. Lots more available items than lobster rolls, but that is what they are known for. Across the street are more restaurants which also serve lobster rolls, with lots shorter lines.
Ah, now that’s what we are used to seeing.
This day we stopped, and I’d been waiting in line for a while before it dawned on me to take a picture. I chatted with the guy in front of me, the couple behind me, and the guy behind them who heard me mention Baltimore, where he was from. Waiting in the line is part of the experience, at least when you are on vacation and have nowhere else to be. I did feel guilty that my friend was waiting down the hill somewhere, having, hopefully, found a place to park. I was also shading myself with one of Red’s umbrellas, and I accepted a cup of water which they also provided to the people in the line.
Something to read while you wait.
This is Zoe, she belongs to the couple behind me in line. Just when I commented (negatively) about the poor dogs who had been walking by with their owners on this beastly hot day, my fellow waiter spotted her husband walking their dog down to join us. This is where I found them as I joined them to wait for our orders. I’m thinking that she was just fine, as it turned out.
And the ‘Maine’ event. I discovered this place 3 years ago when I was camping in the area, and I’d been looking forward to getting back here ever since. See that big piece of lobster on the left? I took a bite out of it already, before I remembered to take a picture. There is no dressing at all, just melted butter to dip the pieces into. It was every bit as good as I remembered. My friend agreed. Just be prepared to enjoy the company in line while you wait, and you will. We decided that we were in line 100 minutes before we ordered. If I ever get the chance I’ll do it again too. In Wiscasset, ME, on Rt. 1.
Ulterior motive number 2, The Holy Donut. If you are ever in Portland, ME, and are ready for breakfast, this is the place to go. Only a couple of blocks from the second campground I visited 3 years ago, I spotted it as I waited at a traffic light. Potato donuts, and boy are they good.
The line was shorter than Reds, and air conditioned too!

We stopped here as we were leaving ME and headed to my friend in NH. We bought extras to share. I failed to take a picture of the actual donut I got, and ate on the spot. It was a blueberry donut with lemon glaze. I got one last time I was here and it was so good that I went back the next day for another, and they were gone. Their season had ended, apple cinnamon donuts were the new featured donut. The apple was good, but I’m so glad the blueberry/lemon were back in season on this day. I was hungry…

2 thoughts on “Gastronomically speaking…”

  1. Great play by play photos of some yummy events! Enjoyed my Holy Donuts too! And you are no fair weather friend when it comes to waiting in line for a lobster road. But it does look good❤️

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