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Waiting for sunrise, again…

She sat on a swing on the playground. It was a half hour until sunrise and there was a faint tinge of pink at the horizon, enough to encourage her to stay put despite the distant thunder, and the big, fat mosquito that she swatted on her neck. She wanted to use her new camera to take pictures, but thought that without a tripod it was probably futile in the dim light. So she used her phone, wanting the wide angle to capture more of the sky. She took a few pictures, but mostly she waited…

Peeking out the dining room window there hadn’t seemed to be any color in the sky to the east. She was glad she came out.
The lights on this lanai are new. She wondered if the lights were new, or maybe there were new people in the house..
As she waited more of the sky turned pink, and the ducks began to announce themselves.
Dark clouds seemed to be taking over though.
Finally the color came up, and the rain never fell, a good morning.

The feature photo and the last photo are from the new Canon R7 with the 18-150mm lens.

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