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Making do…

I’m killing time waiting for the bike shop to open. I looked forward to the photo ops we had in mind for yesterday, but they fell apart right from get-go. I’m pretty sure that operator error was what caused the bike chain to come off the electric trike. Don’t get me wrong, our trip to the Coastal Anclote Trail wasn’t a total waste since I was able to ride using the electric motor, but it’s not as much fun when you aren’t pedaling. I’ve looked at fixes online, but ‘keyway’ and ‘set screw’ are totally foreign words to me so I’ll take it to the pros to fix today. Of course I had the new camera with me, and I had in mind to use the lens that came with it. I’m stubborn like that. At any rate the eagles weren’t hanging around the nest, or what’s left of it. They will have some home improvements to do before they will be ready to raise a new family this year. But we did spot some wildlife as we rode.

Way over there, a bird in a tree. I didn’t really think it was an eagle, but a girl can dream can’t she? Plus there is a teeny-tiny airplane overhead. I had no idea that that was there.
Here’s the photo over-cropped, enough detail remains that I’m not unhappy with the lens.

That vulture wasn’t the only wildlife we saw. The feature photo is the gopher tortoise that was crossing the trail ahead of us. I thought he gave me a tiny little smile for his photo before we moved on. We had gone far enough that I am seriously doubtful that it was the same tortoise who caught up with us passed me on the left, and then made a reckless right turn to cross just in front of me and head off the right side of the trail. I barely got my camera up in time to get his photo. I have no idea what got him moving so fast, but I’m glad I didn’t hit him.

I named him Speedy McGee.

Our day was supposed to include a trip to the little botanical garden in Spring Hill before we headed home, but after a nice, air-conditioned, lunch we decided not to brave the heat anymore, and that was that. Not at all the photos I hoped to have at the end of the day, but that’s how it goes sometimes…

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