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Around the corner…

On the days that I decide that I’d rather sit with my coffee and do Wordle instead of racing out the door for the sunrise, I find myself going stir crazy by the middle of the day. The hottest part of the day. Like yesterday when the heat index was still over 100 at 4PM, and distant thunder could be heard. I had decided to try the trusty 18-400 lens plus adapter on the new camera, so I walked around the corner for only a little while, and found an ibis couple, ducks, and dragonflies to shoot. Then, as I was leaving, a red-shouldered hawk flew past at eye level, too quickly to get a shot of him in flight. But he thoughtfully landed on a fence, then caught a snack in a yard, and posed again before flying away. It never did rain…

It seemed as if I wasn’t holding the camera very steady while I took shots of this young speckled ibis, who will soon look like his snowy white cousin. The camera is said to have excellent image stabilization. I believe it.
I sat on the ground to brace my elbows on my knees, at which point the dragonflies decided to land elsewhere.
Even with that much zoom in the lens you still have to crop like crazy.
Those red shoulders give away his identity.
I don’t know what he caught, but those talons look quite impressive to me.
A parting glance before he flew away.

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