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A new attitude…

It may look as if it was the same sunrise that I’ve seen three days in a row now. No clouds to really pick up the color, it just sort of faded away. And the little birds that I’d tried to shoot the day before didn’t show up, though some of the usual suspects were there. So you might think it was a disappointing morning, but it wasn’t. Because last night I finally got my car back from the shop. And it looks, and even smells, like a brand new car! I had intended to clean it before I brought it in but I didn’t get around to it, and now I’m glad I didn’t bother. The hold up was the replacement shutter that cools the engine. You wire it one way or another depending on the build date of the car, information that would have been helpful to include with the new part, but it wasn’t. So anyhow, this morning may look the same, but I have had an attitude adjustment now that I have wheels! I confess that I was getting a bit pouty as time wore on. My chauffeur is off the hook. I got no attitude from him, he’s nicer than I am.

This really is a new picture, even if it looks exactly the same.
Waiting for sunrise.

The car looks so great that I’d like to wrap it in bubble wrap and never drive it again, but there is a potential hurricane to get ready for so I’ll just cross my fingers and hope we are spared again…

11 thoughts on “A new attitude…”

  1. Glad about your car and your less grumpy attitude. All’s well than ends well! Pretty morning here also but freezing! I am
    really unpacking my winter stuff. Certainly need my sexy flannel PJs!

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    1. Bet you aren’t the only one that’s happy that I’m cheered up. I’m home and determined to get out for the sunset tonight and the sunrise tomorrow. I have a few things to stuff into the shed in case of the storm, then I’ll be off to Bernie’s in case the storm huffs, and puff’s, and blows my house down.


    1. I’m feeling a bit like a fraud after the last few years when I didn’t get to head out for extended periods. Three years ago I was ‘up north’ for 5 months and it was great. Then came covid and I was only gone a month last year, and three weeks this year. It was great though…

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