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Did you see that little creature peeking out of the water at the pond in the back of my over-55 mobile park, the one in the feature photo? I had heard that there USED to be an alligator in the pond, and it would bask on the bank in the sun sometimes. But it was gone, or so I was told. Gone to where was never explained. I’ve been coming down for the sunset for three years now, and usually you are greeted by a rather large turtle that will come over and check you out as you stand on the little deck which is provided for the residents to enjoy. My guess is that some residents feed him, because why else would he care that you are there? And, yes, the turtle was present and accounted for on this night. But it was the other little set of eyes that I saw that had me wondering.

Obviously not a great shot, just didn’t want you to think I’m making the whole thing up.
This is the shot that I go back for time and time again. Gotta love the little palm trees and their reflections.
It never hurts to have a bird fly through your sunset shot.
That it turned out to be this osprey fly over was a bonus.

I’ve been known to stand on the bank in hopes that the dragonflies would be flitting around the rushes at the edge of the water, so I suppose I will have to check out my surroundings a bit more thoroughly from now on. Once I start shooting Godzilla could come up behind me and I probably wouldn’t notice. Of course I count on my gated community to keep all the monsters out, but then the alligator managed to get in didn’t he? My guess is he isn’t over 55…

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