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Market Elaine…

Market Elaine comes to the shopping center called The Grove, on the 1st Friday of the month. Last month’s was rained out, but we decided to try again last night and we both were stunned at how huge this event was. This row of vendors was adjacent to the Crate with it’s shops and restaurants. So we started walking…

We walked a bit and then I took this shot of where we had been so far.
I stood in the same spot and took this shot in the other direction. There was lots more to see.
We followed the line of vendors into the shopping area of the Grove, where the vendors were also set up. I took this picture because I was surprised to see the Highland Axe Throwing company. Is this a thing? Other signs on the windows were amusing. “Hey, how’s your Axe,’ and ‘Like darts but more kick Axe, and ‘Beers and Axes, what could go wrong?’ I’m easily amused.
We hadn’t walked up that way before so we were surprised to find a nice pond. With a Limpkin doing a bit of hunting for his dinner.
Something else we hadn’t seen before.
Had to take a picture of this sign as we walked, after all, I like big mutts too.
Halloween was in full swing with the vendors, and this shop at the Krate. The Grove is the main shopping center, and it’s huge. Then they added Krate, which is an area of container shops offering food and more.
As we found a seat to wait for the entertainment we noticed the pale moon rising. I didn’t notice the birds flying in a V formation when I took this picture. When I do notice them in the sky I always try to get that shot, but this time I was oblivious.
There is live music on Friday nights, and this is Daniella Mass, who performed on Latin night.
What a voice on that girl. She said she is from Columbia, and she has a classical music background. Her music was not what I expected, not pop songs I’d ever heard, but beautiful ballads sung in Spanish, but I think the meanings came through. What a powerful voice on that little person.

I hadn’t been to a craft show in a long time, so I was interested to see what the vendors had for sale. There were clothes, for kids and adults, and not just tee shirts either. I was surprised at all the vendors selling crocheted creatures, I didn’t know they were popular. There were plants, Halloween decorations, several wood workers, and lots of baked goods. A fun way to spend an evening, but wear your walking shoes if you go!