The Duke and Duchess…

We were off to a late start to check on the eagle nest and also ride the adjacent trail. A friend who watches the eagles closely had said that they usually are off the nest by 9 AM, so we weren’t expecting to see them at all. It was such a nice day, not too hot and with a wonderful breeze, and with no sign of the eagles and we rode on to enjoy the afternoon ride. But on our return trip we passed the nest again, and even from a distance the feature photo shows you the hint of the eagle’s beak that we saw up on the nest.

We were especially surprised to see her (or his) mate fly into the nest with a good sized branch. Some housekeeping ensued, then the first eagle flew a bit away along the branch.
Perhaps this is the supervisor.
Soon this nest will be ready to hold some eggs, and then eaglets. The preparations are in progress.