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Walking in the park…

I had two goals today. First I hoped to see the eagles, but I missed them. It was chilly, did that get them up and out early, or were they still cuddled up in the nest? I thought I’d be able to shed the sweatshirt as the morning wore on, but not only did I keep it on, I kept it zipped up as I enjoyed a walk at John Chestnut Park.

I thought I was seeing puffs of feathers in the breeze, but the culprit was this tree, and others like it.
As usual, squirrels were the most abundant form of wildlife that I saw. This little guy was stalking me.
He double-checked to see if I maybe had a treat for him after all.
It was quiet on the boardwalk.
I wondered what creatures were looking back at me from the woods.
Busy little birds, too quick for me.
These little birds were what I hoped to shoot today, but this isn’t the shot I hoped to get.
I wonder if anyone is home?
I had hoped for a deer sighting. I got four shots as this one crossed the street, and they all looked just like this one.
Standing on one bridge looking through the foliage at another bridge, and it’s reflection.
A mini Bernie-doodle! This is proof that he sat still for a second or two…
In case you need to rest a while.
Peaceful scenery.
A final deer sighting, just as I was reaching the exit to the park.

In the heat of summer I long for cooler weather, sure that I’d spend as much time as possible outside if only it would get cooler. But it was 62 degrees in the house when I woke up this morning, time for fuzzy socks and cozy blankets. So I got out a little later than ‘usual’, but what a nice morning it was.

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