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Twelve minutes on a Thursday…

I don’t know exactly what time it was when I decided to wander into the kitchen and warm up my half cup of coffee in the microwave. But as I passed by the dining room window I glanced out and saw a fabulous red cloud out there, and I’ll bet I was out the door in only a minute or two. As you can see it was a quick trip out for the sunrise this morning, and as I worked on my photos less than an hour later the National weather Service announced a tornado warning for this area. I’m glad I got out there when I did.

I practically held my breath as I rushed to the corner to see a wide open view of the sky. I had grabbed the iPhone and it tells me that this was taken at 7:02.
It’s hard to decide whether to stop for a photo or keep rushing before the whole scene just disappears. 7:03
Thankfully it didn’t disappear. Still 7:03.
Finally I was able to take the shot I had set out to take. 7:04.

The sky started to get duller, so I took a panorama with my phone, which I used as the feature photo. And then the ibis flew in, and they formed a line walking towards me in a row along the shore. I thought it might be cute to get the phone down low and take their picture as they approached, and though that didn’t pan out I took this last picture and watched for another minute or two as the sky faded.

Taken at 7:12.

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