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A perfect day…

Yesterday really was a perfect day. I wasn’t the only one who thought so either. Just look at all the fishermen on the Anclote Park Pier. 73 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. And everywhere I went the birds cooperated for some pictures.

This shipwreck is still hanging around at the Anclote River park.
After all the pictures I’ve taken of pelicans I never actually looked at the little hook at the end of their beaks. It looks like a claw. Oh my.
I heard, rather than saw, two pelicans splash into the water as I stood on the pier. I realized that one of them had dived for a fish and immediately panicked that he’d gulp it down before I could get a shot. Not quite though.
He dipped it back down into the water a couple of times, but it was lunch after all.
All along I’d seen pelicans and seagulls diving into the water, fishing as only they can. But when this seagull dove in nearby this same pelican took off after it. I assume to steal it’s catch. The chase was on.
I couldn’t tell if the seagull feared for it’s life or just wanted to hang onto it’s lunch.
In the end the seagull made it’s escape, with it’s lunch intact. Not good news for the lunch.

Sometimes you wait and wait for a photographic moment, and other times they come at you left and right…

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