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Pelican Paradise…

Looking at my pictures from Homosassa Springs I had to think that it really does appear to be a pelican paradise…

This is a brown pelican.
And this is a white pelican, and the bumps on his bill means that he/she is in breeding plumage.
Here we have a Black Crowned Night Heron. He is a wild bird, living here by choice. Smart bird.
Here we have an immature Black Crowned Night Heron with an adult in the background.
They aren’t afraid of people. This one was on a branch close to the walking path.
And here is more proof that they aren’t afraid of people. The woman in the glasses is getting ready to feed the pelicans. She said that they try not to feed the wild birds but these three look pretty hopeful to me.
The pelican in the center was the winner this time.
That little immature night heron looks a bit disappointed to me.
This is a Crested Caracara, who looks too pretty to be a raptor who will chase off vultures in order to feast on their left overs.
This is a little Burrowing Owl, who finally opened one eye to peek at what was going on. We are planning to take a trip to Cape Coral to see them in their natural habitat soon.
When ever I see a pretty view like this I grab my iPhone to take a picture.
Doesn’t he look flirty?
Did you know that the flamingos have black -tipped feathers? I sure didn’t.

I don’t know what drives us to go out and take pictures as often as we do. But it is especially fun to have friends who love to be out there taking pictures together. And what a beautiful place to live to be out with our cameras.

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