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In search of dragonflies…

It didn’t occur to me to head to the little pond around the corner to look for dragonflies until I saw a friend post pictures of one. So when I headed there this morning I had no trouble spotting them, but they seemed to be landing on the mucky looking stuff at the edge of the pond. You see that in the feature photo. The reeds at the shore had no leaves or flowers quite yet, so I didn’t get the sort of photos I might have preferred. I’ll have all summer to try, try, again.

What was frustrating was the fact that the air was full of the big, orange dragonflies that will fly by at eye level, but never land anywhere for you to get a picture. So you might give in to the urge to try to photograph one in the air, with very limited success.
And an egret drops in and hunts along the shore for a bit while you take pictures. And when you look at the pictures in the computer you see that three of those big, fat dragonflies photo bombed the picture..
It just dawned on me that that’s pollen in the water, just like it is decorating my car.
Nice of this tiny little butterfly to stay still for a minute. That made me happy.
One last dragonfly, or maybe it’s the same one.