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Babies and more…

This Tampa rookery is one of the closer destinations that we can go for photos from our home base in Wesley Chapel. And this time we found the babies we were seeking the last several times we came here. Plus we found some photographer friends to enjoy the day with us. A nice bonus.

Egret chicks have been a bit elusive until this trip.
Someone is calling for MOM!
I had my long lens on the camera and as I scanned to see what I could see this egret was filling the view finder. No cropping, but I liked the picture.
Then she decided to take off.
Our friend said that the snowy egrets were putting on a show, and I think he was right. I don’t know if I can post a sound clip, but if you are interested, and would like a chuckle, google ‘snowy egret call’.
Up periscope came to mind when I saw this photo.
I didn’t forget the wood stork babies. This guy is getting big.
The water has been overtaken with lily pads since we were here last. I decided to see if I could find any twigs sticking up through the lily pads in hopes that there would be a dragonfly landing on it. And there was, and if that one left another one would land asap.
The black crowned night heron is usually tucked into the low shrubbery, which makes for a tough photo. But just was we were leaving this one hopped up to a branch and spent a bit of time grooming itself.

We should try to get out every day, but my cold has me dragging today. Thankfully I had photos from yesterday to keep me busy. That and a nap…

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