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Picnic at Sunset Beach…

Thursday night is picnic night for my son and friends from his Elks Lodge. My DIL arrived at 3:30PM in order to snag a pavilion for them to set up the spread of delicious food that is always plentiful when they get together. It was a perfect night with a cool breeze after a toasty day. Plus a band to serenade everyone as the sun went down. And Mother Nature did her part by providing a great sunset for us. The band was still playing, and there were people just arriving as we left to go home. What a fun night..

It was peaceful on the side of the beach where we gathered.
We had company.
I got nosy and walked over to see what was happening on the beach side.
I had no idea that such a crowd had gathered, but it did explain why I almost had to leave the area to find a parking spot. They came ready to enjoy themselves.
As the sun set we walked down the sidewalk to find breaks in the shrubbery for a view of the sunset.
Different spots to view it still provided much the same scene.
Once the sun starts to dip below the horizon it sets pretty quickly.

The feature photo is the last one I took last night. I suppose it was a spoiler for the rest of the photos. I hope we will be doing this again before too long.

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