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In search of…

We have been seeing photos of cedar waxwings for a couple of weeks now since this is a stopping off point for them on their migration route. But it wasn’t until yesterday that we went out to look for them. And we found them. The whole flock lifted off from the trees and swooped a couple of times, and flew away just as we were arriving and not prepared with our cameras ready. We were told they would be back, and so will we now that we know where to look for them. But earlier in the day and better prepared to wait them out if need be. But what we did see were some red-winged black birds in the rushes, and a gray catbird came and posed for me also. A very helpful photographer gave us some pointers for next time, and then I was happy to be able to identify several birds for a couple armed with binoculars who were new to watching the birds.

I confess that when this bird flew in and landed close by I hoped it was a cedar waxwing. But I haven’t photographed a gray catbird before so I’m happy.
She or he struck some very nice poses.
In an odd coincidence, both Bird Buddy and Merlin say that this is a gray catbird who visited the feeder yesterday. It was the bird of the day I guess.

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