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I spy…

I spy, with my little eye, movement in the shrubbery. I search with my fully extended zoom lens, and ask myself if I really saw a little eye looking out of that shrubbery. And I did! A baby black crowned night heron. A prize ‘catch’, since we all know they are tucked away in there, but finding them is the trick. And then mom is somehow there also, so I set the camera to take bursts of photos and thought I would have lots of pictures of baby heron chicks and their mom to choose from. But there was only one, and I suppose I ought to be happy to have gotten one at least.

The one photo that makes the rest of the 424 pictures worth taking.
It took me a quite a while to notice the black feathers at the front edge of the wood storks wings, and here they are displayed on this baby’s wings. The three amigos.
I was now possessed with zooming into the shrubbery in search of snowy egret chicks, or little blues, or even tricolor chicks. But all I found were great white egret chicks.
Then a tricolor heron would fly in and duck into the foliage just to tease you.
Ibis are so prevalent that I hardly ever take photos of them. I had a whole flock of them in my backyard in Spring Hill all the time. But they aren’t always at this rookery, hence the picture.
It was getting late. The shadows were getting too dark to overcome. And besides, it was bedtime.

Not bedtime for us however. We headed to Ford’s Garage for a beer and some apps. Nice day…

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