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Cedar Waxwings…

I didn’t think they were there at first. I expected to see a whole flock of them sitting prettily on the mulberry branches. But movement in the trees caught my eye eventually, and yes, they were there, but flitting from place to place. It was a perfect day, 75 degrees, so standing in the sun wasn’t an issue, but the wind whipping those branches around certainly was an issue. I wish these pictures were better, but I’m glad to have had a chance to see them at all.

Tucked away but sitting still for a minute.
Then I found this one.
Snack time.
I almost edited out a red spot on one of my images, but now I see that it’s supposed to be there.
This tricolor looked like the king of the castle with so much hunting territory to himself.
Red-winged blackbirds aren’t commonly seen, so of course I had to take a shot or twelve of him.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful birds as permanent residents of the area, but we so enjoy the variety of birds that stop off on their yearly migration to escape the winter weather. I suppose that’s what most of us who live here have done also. We’re all birds of a feather.

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