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Attempted macro…

I was on the other side of town today so I thought I’d go to the botanical garden and see if I could take some macro photos. We had a class on macro the other day, and I told myself that the lenses I already had would do just fine to try my hand at it. Flowers stay still you see, so you can even use your tripod and see how you do. But then a butterfly starts flitting around, and you spot a woodpecker in a far tree, and that’s the end of that. Had a very interesting conversation, well, I listened, the young man talked, about the miracle of nature and whether God is responsible. His time in the service has him struggling with this, he said. Words of wisdom didn’t come to me, I hope listening was enough…

This was the most beautiful flower I saw. Lots of pruning had gone on, and with our lack of rain the flower beds were sparse.
I absolutely love this little purple flower.
The lizards were plentiful, as always.

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