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Unintended consequences…

My complaint, when I returned to Wild Birds Unlimited, was that the cardinals had taken over the Bird Buddy. I never imagined that I wouldn’t be thrilled to see cardinals anywhere, but I was getting essentially the same photos and videos every day. So the advice they gave me was to add a little cup feeder and fill it with dried mealworms. I’d attract lots of other backyard birds, they said. But what I got was crows! They announce themselves loudly, knock the little cup feeder onto the ground where the squirrels enjoy a treat, and all the other birds lay low when they are around. Even the cardinals. These pictures were taken through the (dirty) sliding glass door and the screening on the lanai. But you get the idea.

He was making a racket out there.
I didn’t realize he was also sampling the gourmet bird seed in the Bird Buddy. Which didn’t take his picture.
Mealworms do seem to be his preferred food however. And I’ll keep using them until I run out, but that’ll be the end of that.

I do need more bird seed, but I’m asking myself if I need another pole? To hold another feeder or two? With some other bird seed mix? Hmmm…

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  1. In my case the nuthatches, chickadees, finch and cardinals are my neighborhood bird and any visitors as they pass by are exciting

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