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Wildlife photography…

One thing about going to the zoo to take photos, you know you will come away with a lot of them, and hopefully some you really like a lot. And some of the photos you get might surprise you, like Flora, who posed for me in the feature photo.

Our day was winding down when we came upon the enclosure where owls are kept. This barred owl was one of three there.
This tiny screech owl was right up against the bars of his cage. And my lens zoom lens was too much to take anything but a close up. I love the detail in his feathers.
Near the alligator pond we saw two chicks, but I’m not sure what they are. Try-color herons maybe? Did they fledge? Fall out of the nest?
Someone was raising a ruckus from up above, and we could barely make out a nest and some agitated chicks. Is that where the chicks came from?
These babies were also up high, but keeping a low profile.
Maybe the fuss was because they thought that this alligator was sneaking up on the keepers.
Nope, it was feeding time. She taps on the concrete and the gators know to get into the water to get fed. Too close for comfort for me, but the male keeper was on his last day and wanted to feed the alligators before he left. That sounds like a be careful what you wish for to me.
We went to see the tiger on our way back to the car. He emerged from his cave but immediately settled in for a nap, which sounded like a good idea to us.

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    1. I am so sorry that it took me this long to see your nice comment. I used to get a symbol to let me know there was a new comment, but I haven’t seen that in ages. Or I’m oblivious, which is possible also. Glad you liked the pictures.


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