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Sharing the wealth…

On the way home from our photography class/lunch with friends we made a stop to buy another cranberry cake for the bird feeder out back. That particular treat seems to be a favorite of just about all the birds who visit, including the crows, so we will try to keep the feeder stocked up.

As soon as we finished with our adjustments to the feeder some nosey neighbors showed up.
I hadn’t seen the sharing going on before yesterday.
This is a non breeding red wing blackbird, according to Merlin. So not the same one that was here the other day.
This downey woodpecker seems to investigate the pole itself before figuring out that the cranberry cake is her best bet.
The squirrel remains ‘baffled’. He tries to go up the pole but the baffle stops him, so he forages on the ground and cleans up all the droppings.

The feature photo isn’t great, but I was amazed to see more than one species out on the feeders. Usually a bird flying in will cause whoever is already on the feeder to leave. But not yesterday.

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