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Take a lesson…

I took a lesson from having the Bird Buddy in the backyard these last couple of months. It seems like the late afternoon, ‘dinner time’, sees the most action from the birds. So last night the salad was made and the salmon was marinating, so I headed to the little neighborhood pond to see if I could see some dragonflies. And yes they were there, but despite the drenching rains we had recently the water levels are low, revealing various bits of trash along the edges of the pond. I see lots of workers tending to landscaping in the public areas here, but those bits of trash never seem to go anywhere. Maybe I’ll have to buy a net and try to snag some myself.

While I appreciate the knowledge that dragonflies will always return to the same spot, which gives you the opportunity to set up your camera and wait for them to show up, they tend to always land facing the same way so it’s the same shot over and over again.
It’s always nice to see their faces also. I took a zillion of this pose also, then had to try to decide which was the sharpest shot.
After seeing the red-winged blackbird on the feeder I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to see him at the pond. It is the sort of landscape I’ve seen them in before, wide open spaces with tall reeds, in this case cat-o-nine-tails, to perch on. But I’ve been coming to this park for several years now and have never spotted them before.
It may not look small in this photo, but it was small, and it just showed up in my viewfinder all of a sudden. I have no idea where he came from, but he decided to walk around right in front of me and hunt for dinner. Maybe it’s because I was sitting on the bank with. my elbows on my knees so I could steady the camera, but he didn’t seem to mind my presence at all.
See, not very big in reality.
And here he is with his catch, and a bottle. I could have edited the bottle out but I’m making a point here…
I can understand that stabbing into the muck might have muddied up his bill, but why is the fish looking muddy also? He apparently didn’t mind, he downed it a second or two later