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Grand Targhee Resort…

My cousin and I had quite an adventure on Friday.  She said that she wanted me to see the Tetons from the ‘other’ side, which meant another trip over the Teton Pass, but I didn’t have to be the driver this time.  Going to Idaho was an easier trip over the pass, than the return trip, and she pointed out several things I missed on my first trip.07-24-20jacksonholesign07-24-20house07-24-20overthepass07-24-20totheresort07-24-20totheresort207-24-20totheresortrockHere we are at the top.  I’d love to convince you that we climbed our way up there, but no, we took the ski lift, and we were both glad we did.07-24-20meonmt107-24-20Mary on top of the worldWhat really astounded me was the fact that bikes were taken up the ski lift also.  Sometimes little bikes, implying that little kids were going to ride them down.  A  horrifying thought to me, I hope my grandchildren don’t get any ideas.07-24-20grandtargheeskilift07-24-20grandtargheeskilift2The view from the top was really great.  Well, almost from the top.  We could have gone higher, but honestly, it didn’t feel so much like walking a trail to me.  Nope, it felt more like a balancing act, so I was happy to stay where we were.07-24-20grandtargheesummit07-24-20house07-24-20grandtargheetownview07-24-20comingdown07-24-20bluebirdThis bluebird chose a precarious spot to eat his lunch.  He was hanging onto that stick for dear life in a very strong wind.  Maybe that wind had something to do with my feeling that it was a balancing act.  But we did it!  What a fun day!

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The doldrums…

I had to check the meaning of the word doldrums, just in case.  It’s a period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression, according to Siri.  That pretty much describes me for the past couple of days.  For no particular reason beyond what we all are dealing with these last weeks.  And also for no particular reason I woke up this morning and surprised myself by getting out early for the sunrise.  It felt good.04-22-20bridgesunrise1

Then I stood in my driveway and spied on the bluebirds who have been zooming into and out of the bird house lately.  They haven’t been perching, and I haven’t seen them together, so are there eggs in the nest or are they feeding babies?  If they are then I can’t imagine when they were sitting on eggs since they both seemed to be out and about daily.  Or I lost track of time.  But I looked up the incubation period and it’s 12 to 14 days, and mom sits on the eggs and dad delivers dinner to her while incubating.  So that’s what I think is going on here.  And the surprise to read was that they commonly brood twice in a season.

I didn’t watch them for long because I was afraid that Dad was skittish about coming to feed Mom in the house because I was watching from the shelter of my open car door in the driveway.  In reality it was probably the maintenance crew with the mowers and edgers that were giving him second thoughts.04-22-20bluebirdantenna.jpg04-22-20bluebirdlightpost.jpg04-22-20bluebirddelivery.jpg04-22-20mamabluebird.jpg

In between bluebird visits I took the feature photo of the Northern Mockingbird who entertains me as I walk the park in the early evening.  They have an amazing variety of calls, which I’ve tried and failed to record on my phone.  You probably have them in your neighborhood since they are everywhere.

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As good as it gets…

I took my first sip of coffee this morning and walked to the blinds on the bluebird side of the house and opened them.  I was almost startled at the gorgeous sunrise that was going on out there.  Most of the time when I’ve gone out for the sunrise it’s because I got up early enough that I was bored and wanting to do something before the sun had even come up.  Then I choose a spot to go based on how much time I have.  Today I walked out to my driveway in my pajama and fuzzy hot pink socks to get this picture.  Then I went back inside for another sip of coffee.  I’m glad to have this picture because it might be as good as it gets today, time will tell.

Over the last few days I’ve gotten these pictures also.  The bluebirds are out there from time to time, but so far no intense activity that would make me think there are chicks, or even eggs, in the nest.


The sandhill cranes have been around also.  This one took me by surprise on my walk the other day.  He was n’t sounding off, which is unusual, and it seemed he was alone, so maybe they have a nest nearby.  The entire coastline here is one bird sanctuary or wild life preserve after another so it’s entirely possible.04-11-20homecrane

Then there was the sky the other day.  I took a lot of pictures of it because I thought I could see hints of sunrise color in the clouds.  Somehow the photos didn’t actually translate.  We have had such pretty weather, too pretty to be stuck in the house, but stuck we are.  At least for now…04-11-20homesky.jpg


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I think Dad forgot that Mom was in the birdhouse, because I wasn’t the only one surprised when she suddenly launched herself out the door and off to who knows where.    My view through the lens was this one, and the feature photo is the next one.  Startled him right off his feet, and I didn’t see it until I looked at the pictures in the computer.03-25-20bluebirdsagain They got me excited yesterday.  I happened to look out the window and Dad was on the drain spout with a nice little worm in his mouth.  I immediately got excited that they were feeding babies, or at least he was feeding Mom while she was on some pretty blue eggs.  But off she flew, and he gulped down his catch, and I was left scratching my head.

Mom was back and forth the rest of the day, but still bringing nesting materials.  She did stop to pose for me though.03-26-20bluebirdlooks4.jpg03-26-20bluebirdlooks3.jpg03-26-20bluebirdlooks.jpg03-26-20bluebirdlooks2.jpg03-26-20bluebirdlooks5.jpgDad’s contribution to all this was to sit on my TV antenna and serenade all of us while Mom was busy.  All day.  All day busy for her, all day as the singing supervisor for him.  I guess it works for them…03-26-20bluebirddad.jpg03-26-20bluebirddad2.jpg03-26-20bluebirddadcamera.jpg

And this is my new normal.  Considering social isolation and the impending possibility of a new little bluebird family right on my doorstep, so to speak.  Big heavy lens and big heavy tripod, in the living room, at the ready…

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It seems like this bluebird pair have taken the admonition to self-quarantine to heart.  After not noticing any activity recently they have suddenly decided to cozy-up their little house.  They were back and forth all morning, arriving with nest building material and flying off ,only to come right back and do it again.  I took pictures out the window and then decided to go outside and shoot with the tripod and bigger lens.  Happily, they didn’t seem to mind the attention from me.  I only watched for a little while and got a zillion pictures, so I decided to let them be.  It would be so nice to have a front row seat to watch them raise a family.  I hope that will happen anyhow.  It will make staying home a lot more fun…03-16-20bluebird803-16-20bluebird703-16-20bluebird603-16-20bluebird503-16-20bluebird403-16-20bluebird303-16-20bluebird203-16-20bluebird103-16-20bluebird903-16-20bluebird10

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Oh happy day…

I had talked myself out of going out for the sunrise this morning.  I’m not quite sure what has happened to that irresistible urge to go out and take pictures, but I seem to have to force myself out of the these days.  That’s how things stood until I remembered my resolve from last night, to go to Walmart early in hopes that their overnight restocking of the shelves would mean that I might find a package of toilet paper so I could relax.  And I did!  But I only bought one package, which means that the next dozen or so people who came in looking for it might find a package because that’s all that was on the shelves.  As I was arriving I saw a woman with a stack of cartons of eggs in her arms.  Balanced one on top of the other, the top one held in place gently by her chin, she was making a bee line for the exit.  I have to wonder what that was all about.

So the plan was to hit Walmart first, and then head to the sunrise unless I missed it.  But I didn’t.  A serene sunrise, when serenity is just what we need more of at the moment.  I got obsessed with that bird against the color in the sky.  Can you see him in this picture too?  That’s a good example of the zoom lens.03-16-20serenityscene203-16-20serenity203-16-20serenityscene103-16-20serenity3

And I came home to action at the bluebird house.  I’ve gotten discouraged that they really weren’t nesting in there this year because I hadn’t noticed them lately, but they were busy little bees today. 03-16-20serenitybirdhouse

I headed outside with tripods and lenses to see what I could see.  Stay tuned…