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Family squabbles…

Not my family squabbles though, my family is blessedly free from squabbles.  Nope, this was the bluebirds having an issue over something yesterday.  I myself have been laying low, trying to finish a sewing project that I knew before I even started it that it would drive me nuts before I finished it, and I was right.  And while I was home sewing I figured I could make a pot of turkey soup, after all I was home., but that’s a mess all it’s own with no counter space or dishwasher.  And I’d been reading a book that had lots of old recipes in it, one of which was pop-overs, and I remembered we’d made pop-overs in junior high school home ec class, and they were good!  So I looked in my old Fanny Farmer cookbook and made those too, only they didn’t pop over!  Add glancing out the window as I work and noticing the bluebirds are back, so I pick up the camera which I’ve left at the ready, but I’m just in time for one bird to kick the other one out the door, so to speak.  these are my first pictures from yesterday, finishing with the feature photo, and then the one alone, but only for a moment, and they both were gone.

I’m in a frenzy to finish the sewing project so I can clean this tiny place up because my dearest friend is coming soon.  I don’t have to clean for her of course, but this little place is cute when it’s cleaned up, and besides, she might want to sit down and not sit on a pin cushion, which I did the other day.  Life will be perfect next week when this place is put back together and I will be taking my friend to visit the eagles, and owls, and sunsets galore!  Probably not sunrises though, because I am happy on my own in my little house, but it will be such a treat to enjoy my morning coffee with a friend…02-17-20squabble1


'scene' along the way, a second look, birds, bluebirds, Florida wildlife, fun, live and learn, nature, nesting, on closer examination, perseverance, photography

Setting up housekeeping…

You definitely need to take anything I say about birds with a grain of salt.  I make a lot of assumptions and then find out that I’ve got it all wrong.  Several mornings in a row I noticed that by opening the blinds on the side window I’d caused a bird to fly out of the birdhouse.  And I thought that that bird was the Downey woodpecker who would immediately go to the palm tree where I could and did get his picture. 02-11-20woodpecker Not the bluebirds I’d hoped for thought, after all I’d read that the bluebirds were picky about how big the opening to their home is, for protection really, and that if you encourage them to nest in a box you’ve provided then you need to be prepared to have meal worms in your fridge for them.  That was pretty much what did the trick for me and made me decide that I didn’t want them to nest in my yard quite that badly.  But this little birdhouse has a history of having bluebirds in it, and although it meets none of the criteria I’ve read for bluebird houses they have nested in it before.  So I’d see a single woodpecker paying attention to it, and a single bluebird hanging around also, and thought that perhaps we had an odd couple in the neighborhood.  But yesterday there was much coming and going from the birdhouse, and it seems that a pair of bluebirds are at least trying to make it home.  I was shooting from inside the house, between the blinds, and through a very dirty window, which I have since cleaned.  I love when a photo op comes to you, so to speak.  I hope this works out and we get to see them raise a family.  I’ll try not to disturb them too much.02-11-20blurbord102-11-20blurbord202-11-20blurbord302-11-20blurbord402-11-20blurbord5Today I am better prepared to get both birds in focus in the same photo.  This ability escaped me yesterday…02-11-20bluebirds1

Aha, they came back!  Such sweet little birds…

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Bluebirds leave home…

My uncle says that photography is a lot like fishing, in that it involves a lot of patience.  He said that when I was out front of his house waiting to see the bluebirds feeding their young in the birdhouse.  And there I was exactly a week later hoping for one more photo op before they left home.  They had been going back and forth to the house all morning, I was told, but I wasn’t seeing any bluebirds at all, so of course I looked around and started panning for birds in flight, and got a turkey vulture.  And then I looked at the birds on the wires more closely.

There was a female cardinal, a Northern Mockingbird, actually several of them.  And lots of Great Crested Flycatchers also.4-23cardinal4-23mockingbird4-23yellowbird

And then I spotted a little bird on the carport of the house next door, and then another one in the grass.  I realized that these two were the baby Bluebirds, and it was upsetting to see them on the ground.  The little guy in the grass was able to fly out of sight.  He flew low to the ground, but he flew.  The other little guy kept trying to fly and going only a foot and landing on the ground again.  4-23bluebird4-23bluebirdchick2

Thankfully I spotted the adult Bluebird close by, and I had to hope that the parents would continue to feed this baby for as long as it takes for it to fly.  I hated to walk away but I felt that I couldn’t interfere.  Let Mother Nature take charge of the situation.  But it was hard to do…4-23mommy

birds, bluebirds, Florida wildlife, nature, nesting, photography

The Bluebird house…

My uncle has been telling me about the little birdhouse he has hanging outside his place here in Florida.  Bluebirds nest in it every year, he says.  First he moved it away from the carport side of the house because of the mess they made on the car.  Then he had to move it away from the patio area slightly because the birds wouldn’t come if there were people sitting outside.  But apparently they found the perfect spot for it because the birds have hatched their eggs, and mom and dad are staying quite busy feeding their babies.  I once read an article describing the dos and don’ts of bluebird houses, and I’m pretty sure that this little house breaks every one of those rules.  Maybe the Bluebirds didn’t read that same article.  I decided to head over there this morning before these babies leave the house, and before the storm that was heading our way spoiled any chances of taking photos today.  That poor little birdhouse was being tossed around in the wind, my uncle said it’s a wonder the eggs didn’t get scrambled.4-15bluebird74-15bluebird2-24-15bluebird64-15bluebird34-15bluebird44-15bluebird1-24-15bluebird54-15dove

This mourning dove was so cute, and more of an apricot color than gray.  Maybe it was just a reflection of the roof it was sitting on.  When those babies leave home it looks like a little spring cleaning might be in order.

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Birds on a wire…

Five of ’em.  Sitting on a wire right in front of the house.  I had been to the eagle nest earlier and was anxious to look at the photos I’d taken, but I walked the dogs first so I could do it in peace.  But there they were, five little bluebirds looking at us as we returned from the walk.  At least the camera was still set up.  How could you resist those cute little things?  But when they are posing like that they don’t present much action to include in your photos.  Unless they get an itch…1-24bluebird51-24bluebird61-24bluebird21-24bluebird31-24bluebird41-24bluebird1

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Got my wish…

It wasn’t my wish to see a Northern Mockingbird, but this one flew into my shot so I figured he wanted his picture taken.  And I obliged.

No, I had seen bluebirds when I walked the dogs, and ever since I got the 600mm lens I’d been wanting to take more photos of them.  They were around the corner from my house, on the electrical wires as they always seem to be.  So I got the camera ready with the big lens and extender, and loaded all my equipment into my car.  While I was out I thought I’d drive around until I found something photo worthy.  Then I opened the garage door and there were the bluebirds, right out front of my house as they frequently are.  But I’m not usually all ready with the camera.  They always seem to retreat into the trees right across the street from my house, I suspect they nest there.  One of them stuck around while I got set up.  And peered at me curiously like he was wondering what I was doing.  I might go out for the sunset later on, but the cute little bluebird made my day.


This is the cutest little bird ever.  I’ll take his picture anytime I get the chance…