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Camera worthy moments…

I had my camera ready in case I saw anything photo worthy on my way to Longboat Key, so when I saw horses on the beach you know I had to stop for a picture. For a brief moment I thought how fun it would be to ride a horse on the beach, and then I remembered my age and thought better of that idea. I also stopped to see the whashed up boat on the causeway again, hoping that the RV would be gone. And it was! But a car with a kayak on top was parked way too close to the front of the boat. Seems you can’t win.

When I heard that there was a lot of driftwood on the beach nearby the condo I really didn’t picture this. Driftwood trees, decorated with shells, was new to me.

My friend found it amazing that this Great Blue Heron let us walk as close to him as we did while we were on our walk.

I also saw two new birds to me, the tiny little Sanderlings, and two Piping Plovers.

On this trip I learned that this is called ‘wrack’. It just looks like ocean junk but it provides an important environment for tiny organisms to thrive. Nothing is wasted in nature.

Social distancing was not a problem on this trip. We had the beach to ourselves, or nearly so. Walking and learning and enjoying the days.

'scene' along the way, birds, boats, friends, fun, making memories, perseverance, photography, road trip, technology

What’s the story?

They say that a photo should have a clear subject. It should tell a story. I’m not sure what you may think is the subject of the feature photo. People on the rocks, speeding in boats, flying through the air? All of the above? Or maybe the real story is that I just got home and I’ve spent over an hour just getting my photos from the camera and into the computer, and I’m too tired to do more of them. But this one should give you a clue of the fun to be had at Longboat Key. I had such a good time, but it’s also nice to be home.

'scene' along the way, a second look, adventure, boats, fun, moments, perseverance, photography, sky, weather


I had been seeing photos of this washed up sailboat from my group for a few weeks now. Lovely shots against the sunset, I was envious. Today the skies were dramatic and I thought that I might have missed this boat already, so I decided to take a trip to the Dunedin causeway to check it out. Happily it was still there, unfortunately there was an RV parked right next to it. I wondered what the thought process was that had someone park their RV in such an obviously annoying spot. Charley used to call that, “Hooray for me and the heck with the other guy.”

As I looked at the photos I found that my dramatic skies weren’t quite as nice as I’d hoped, and as I edited I found that I liked a softer look than I usually like. The skies seemed to demand it.

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Another Florida sunset…

It was off to Hudson Beach for the sunset last night. I wanted to experiment by using my wide angle lens rather than my usual lens choice. To compare the two of them I suppose. I’m influenced by all the talk of lenses and cameras in my group, but I’m so happy with my 18 to 400 lens because I want to be ready to zoom in close when I want/need to. But sometimes I’d like a wider view, but the actual wide angle lens makes everything in your view smaller. I complained about that in the group and our fearless leader told me I was trying to take the wrong pictures with it. I used both lenses and I’d have to guess to say which was which. But I liked the pictures so that’s all that really matters.

'scene' along the way, birds, boats, Florida wildlife, nature, perseverance, photography, simple things, sky, weather

Green Key…

While I was out yesterday I thought I might stop at Green Key Beach. Maybe it was low tide, maybe there would be some spoonbills wading if it was. And the day was so beautiful, warm, with clear blue skies. Winter in Florida at it’s best.

But the tide was high and I didn’t find the wading birds I hoped to see, but I heard a boat out there, and saw the nice light on the buildings in the distance. With the zoom lens I saw that the boats I though I saw out on the horizon were really structures on stilts.

At the beach I found Ruddy Turnstones, a fun little bird that sort of hops along the shore.

And someone was enjoying a nice splash.

And a lone willet, keeping himself company with his perfect reflection. Nature itself was quite lovely yesterday, it was the people with their noisy boats and loud music that disrupted things.

'scene' along the way, boats, nature, perseverance, photography, Rise and shine, sunset

Simple sunset…

Being fresh out of pictures to amuse myself with I decided that a trip to Bayport for the sunset might be a good idea. And it was.

The sky didn’t light up quite as much as I’d hoped, but it was nice to be out for sunset and still be home by 7:00 PM. I blame my years of working at Publix for my habit of getting up at 4 AM, but I’ve always been a morning person, but maybe not quite such an early bird as lately…