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Sunset Beach sunset…

By this time you would think that I would have been to a place called Sunset Beach for the sunset before, but I hadn’t.  Looking at the map I thought it would have a decent view to the east, which isn’t easy to come by here, so I had been there for the sunrise a time or two.  But Sunday night after dinner with my son and family I headed the short distance to the beach before I headed home.

These photos are basically in order.  Don’t ask me to explain why the houses facing the sunset seemed to be in the spotlight, but they were.  Plus lots of wading birds.  I walked to a covered pavilion to stand up a little higher and see what I could see, and I basically got rooted to the spot.  In one direction I could keep an eye on the sunset as it developed, plus the little sailboat which continued to criss-cross the view the entire time I was there, and in the other direction was a volley ball game which had me hoping for action shots.  Mostly I got shots of the players standing and looking up at the ball in the air, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. 06-21-20sunsetegrets06-21-20volleyball06-21-20volleyball3206-21-20sailboat206-21-20sailboat106-21-20sailboat306-21-20sunsetclose06-21-20lastsail06-21-20fisherboy

Lastly the fisher-boy as the color faded, and the sailboat still sailed…

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Pithlachascotee River sunrise…

Yesterday’s sunrise photos with lovely reflections in the water were probably due to the fact that the air was so still.  Which is what was also responsible for the no-see-ums being so unbearable, according to the gentleman I was talking with.  Today there was nice color from the nearby bridge I like to go to, but no reflections in the choppy surface of the water, and no no-see-ums.  If that’s what it takes to be bug free then that’s fine with me.  I was happy to see the color come up, and then it was time to get on with the rest of my day…06-17-20pithlascotiesunrise2

As 06-17-20taillightsAs I waited for the color to come up I got to thinking about seeing if I could get light trails from the cars that were whizzing past right behind me.  I should try that again.06-17-20lastone06-17-20closecolor06-17-20flag


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Old photos…

I missed the announcement that the photo shoot for the evening had been cancelled.  I figured it out while waiting for the ferry without another photographer in sight.  I went ahead and rode the ferry anyway, and also rode the sunset cruise out of Clearwater beach. The sliver of sky at the horizon provided enough sunset color to make me happy that day, and happy with my pictures, but they look different to me now, two years later.  Now I’m reviewing pictures from that day  and I find myself wondering about all the people who were there, all the dramas going on behind the windows that I photographed that day.  Were people enjoying a longed-for vacation?  Were there reunions of old friends happening anywhere out there?  Engagements?  Happy news?  Sad news?  I was enjoying my day that day even if it hadn’t turned out exactly as I’d expected.  But today I know that those hotels and condos are still there, but they may be empty, or nearly so.  There may be people enjoying the sunset from home even as I write this.  I hope so.  The hotels are man made, but the sunset is a gift.  It’s still there to be enjoyed.

I don’t know why I never went back and rode the ferry again.  My friend just visited me recently and I wish I’d thought to do this with her.  Right now I feel like I just can’t wait to go out and do things like this again.  I hope I remember to make the most of my  opportunities when that day comes.


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Aripeka again…

I stopped at the first bridge on my trip to Aripeka that morning.  I liked that there were lights on in the houses, but it looked like the actual sunrise would be so far to the right that it wouldn’t be the prettiest sunrise photos for me.  So I took a few pictures and then moved on to the second bridge, the more familiar bridge I’ve used for sunrise photos.  In the 30 seconds or so it took to drive that little way up the road not only had the sunrise colors come to life, but the wind had kicked up tremendously.  I overheard the bait shop owner cautioning the boaters who had stopped on the bridge, telling them that they would have some problems if they headed out on the water that day.  While the temperature was mild, the wind was still whipping and the sky was overcast, I wonder how those boaters did out there…


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It was almost a full moon.  Seen on a morning with an almost pretty sunrise.  It looked more promising as I left the house than it did when I got to the bridge.  I could have quit after this shot since this was as pretty as it got.12-15shot#1

I suspected that things had taken a turn for the worst as far as the sunrise went, so I tried another approach.  My friend Betty sees the details in things that I never manage to see, so I asked myself what would Betty shoot?  And came up with these.12-15netting12-15redlight12-15redlight212-15snowman

Almost a nice clear shot of that snowman, but now that I see that he’s an inflatable I’m sure he was moving.  Darn it. And the birds on the wire.  They arrive en masse, a flock swooping one way and almost landing, but changing their collective mind and trying that swoop and turn again.  I see them every time I’m on this bridge for the sunrise, but the camera is set wrong to try to catch them in action.  Not that I didn’t try of course, taking shots between the cars zipping by in both directions.12-15birdsonawire

And then along came this guy who stirred up the water and spoiled any possible reflections for long enough that I decided to call it a day.  I was tired anyhow, I’m almost over my cold…12-15disturbingthepeace


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Beautiful Tarpon Springs…

We were out for an early photography class on Saturday morning, which left us lots of time for lunch and a stop in Tarpon Springs before heading home.  I found the Christmas decorations they had up to be a bit jarring, but that’s just me, I’m a bit of a humbug.  It was a lovely, sunny-but-not-too-hot day, perfect for enjoying the sky, and the boats, and the birds.  And trying to remember the tips we’d learned in class that morning.  There are many vendors trying to entice you to take the various cruises that leave out of Tarpon Springs daily.  A sunset cruise would probably be a good idea.  My friend would like to take it one step further and thinks it would be a great idea if we took a sunset cruise out on one of these tiny tiki bar boats.  Hmm, what could possibly go wrong with that idea???11-23tikibar11-23tarponscene311-23tarponscene111-23shipwreck11-23pelican311-23pelican211-23pelican11-23greatblue11-23flyoverfeature

Back when I first began blogging I read that your feature photo ought to be chosen to lure the reader in to read your blog.  Of course that sounded like a good idea.  But I seem to always be limited to only one or two in a series of photos that would lend themselves to that banner-like crop that I need to do for the blog.  There were flocks of these birds flying, but too high up to see detail.  I still don’t know what they are for sure, I suspect wood storks.  Anyhow, he was going to be my feature photo until the dolphin photo came up.  Sorry fella!