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And so it begins…

Day one at Fort DeSoto campgrounds had me finally set up by 3 PM.  This is a lovely campground but the tent/pop up area has a narrow, one-way, road, with equally narrow and abrupt turn-offs in which to back your camper.  Even with two people directing me it was quite an ordeal, and it has occurred to me that getting it out of here just might be as bad, or worse.  Guess I’ll worry about that later.1-20-20woodpecker

But I was anxious to get out for pictures so I rushed up to North Beach because I could see that the sun would be setting in that direction.  On the way I stopped for the first couple of osprey nests I saw, but I soon realized that they were everywhere, and they all were occupied by at least one adult.  They certainly didn’t have any protection from the wind up there.  And the ranger had told me that there was an eagle nest on the cell tower, you can’t miss it, he said.  It wasn’t the natural setting of the eagles I’m used to seeing so I probably won’t be staking this nest out.1-20-20osprey1-20-20eaglenest

With temperatures in the 40s and a brutal wind, it was almost too much, for a Floridian at least.  And the waves crashing on the rocks were dramatic, but the tide was coming in and I began to worry that the camera would get splashed.  But it didn’t, and neither did I, and the sunset was lovely.  And I drove back to the campground never suspecting that I’d discover that when I plugged in the heater, or the charger for the computer, that the plugs weren’t going to work.  Lights yes, plugs no.  And I must have used my last gasp of propane testing that I had propane, because that heater didn’t work either.  So I’m roughing it until I figure it out, and warmer weather is coming, or so they say.1-20-20slywywithpalmtrees1-20-20sunshineskwayfeature1-20-20wavescrashing1-20-20northbeachsunset

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Portsmouth and it’s lighthouses…

Honestly?  I didn’t expect to like Portsmouth, NH quite as much as I did.  I entered from Kittery, ME, and as soon as I crossed the Memorial Bridge I saw brick sidewalks and a small parking lot from which to enjoy the harbor.  So of course I stopped for pictures.  And while it seemed at first to be more of a working harbor than something meant photo ops for people like me, there was more than one vantage point and I thought the views were lovely.Portsmouthharbor1Portsmouthharbor2Portsmouthscene2Portsmouthscene3

I had yet to find the Portsmouth Harbor Light however, and as I drove into New Castle to see it I was awed by the New England charm of the town.  The narrow streets along the water, lined with clapboard houses sitting close to the road, and painted in soft, pretty colors.  The access to the lighthouse was closed, and I knew that, but I thought I’d find another vantage point to see it, and I did.  And, of course, yet another lighthouse, Whaleback, off in the distance eough to make me struggle for a picture.  On such a lovely day it was frustrating to find that I had to turn the picture of that one into a black and white image, but it pretty much was black and white already.PHL4PortsmouthharborlightPortsmouthharborlight2distantlightfarlighthouseB&WPortsmouthpadlocks

I googled the significance of the locks on this chain link fence at the Portsmouth harbor and got an unexpected answer.  It’s been deemed the Portsmouth Love Wall, and it’s in Prescott Park.  I missed the initials written on the locks, initials of lovers who place the locks on the wall and then they may choose to throw the keys into the water.  Or they may place a lock on the wall to represent a lost loved one.  I see that this is a world wide trend, possibly beginning in Paris.  I wish I believed that placing a lock on the wall would keep a loved one with you, it would be nice.  And it just so happens that I have a padlock in the camper, just in case…

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Good morning…

Life is simple, right?  If you are on the East coast then obviously just go to the beach and enjoy the sunrise.  But it’s never that simple.  I walked out onto Pine Point Beach expecting a great view, but the sunrise was going to be so far off to my left that I realized that I should continue down the road to the Fisherman’s Co-op for the better view.  Which makes that spot my best, closest, spot for both the sunset and the sunrise.  But the hint of sunrise color that I found when I got there was about as colorful as it got.  And there weren’t many fishermen there either.  I figured there would at least be fishermen getting ready for their day.  Nope, it was just me and some gulls…coopsunrise1coopsunrise2coopsunrise3coopsunrise5coopsunrise6coopsunrise7coopsunrise8coopsunrise9IMG_7713_4_5_easyHDRcoopsunrisegull

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Nubble, Boon, and Bill…

There was a perfect view of Nubble Light.  That’s it’s nick name, it’s actually the Cape Neddick Light.  But I became intrigued with the lighthouse I saw off in the distance, and whether I’d be able to get a decent photo of it way out there.  I got to talking cameras and lenses with some fellow observers, which got me to get my 150 to 600mm lens out.  The biggest, heaviest one, that requires the biggest, heaviest tripod.  But what’s often the case with that was that at 150 I was still too close for a good picture.  I believe the above feature photo was taken with that lens.

Here you have the full effect of the scene I found as I watched and wandered the site.Nubble1NubbleonemoreNubble2The rocks, the lighthouse on the hill, with workers doing repairs.  And painters, four by the time I left.Painting

Looking left…Nubblelookleft2NubblelookleftLooking right…NubblerightsideNubblebirdscloseAnd the distant Boon Island Light, demanding my attention…Boonisland2NubbleBoatandboon

It was a lovely day, which brought me out of the sadness I’d been feeling on that day, the 5th anniversary of losing my husband.  At the gift shop I enjoyed the banter of an artist talking with the clerks and patrons of the shop.  He admitted he was 90, and a local legend.  Bill Thomson, a former professor of New England History at Salem State College in MA, and author of 26 books.  Now retired he sells prints of his paintings, and he was there that day, and wrote the name of my choice on the boat.  I returned to the shop several times before I made my decision to buy a print.  I love that it will have a history to it when I look at it, and in some way a history that includes Charley.9-3-19

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Coastal mail delivery…

I specifically chose to do a boat tour last Friday because I was so aware of the holiday weekend looming.  It would get crazy busy, I thought.  And the weather was fabulous for a leisurely cruise out of Portland Harbor.  They, brilliantly I thought, combine a boat tour with the necessary mail run to five of the outlying islands.  I was surprised that there were passengers too, disembarking and being met by family members on the docks.  Of course that’s how they’d get there to visit, but I hadn’t ever considered the reality of living on an island.  One stop that was interesting was Cliff Island, which was the town that hosted the filming of The Whales of August.  I saw that movie and loved it, I should look for it on Netflix or Prime.  We stopped there for a few extra minutes, long enough to get an ice cream cone at the little general store right there at the dock.  But we only had twenty minutes or so, or else wait four hours for the next ferry.

I found that once we had stopped at our last mail drop however, the boat picked up speed and we were now headed back to port in a hurry.  I considered putting on the jacket I had been carrying with me, but instead I wrapped the camera in it in case of spray.  In the nick of time too, because we got a direct hit from a wave that splashed up over those of us sitting in the bow of the boat.  Twice.  Lucky for me there was no harm done.  And some fellow passengers moved over and told me to sit with them just in case.  Very nice of them, and a very nice way to spend a day.  But I have to say that the crowds I expected to see never materialized.  Or else what constitutes a crowd here in Maine doesn’t compare to spring break at the Florida beaches.  It’s been fun and it’s not over, even if the rest of the campers here seem to be pulling up stakes and heading out.pullingawaypullingaway21ststopfirststop2

Pocahontas Light


Cliff Island


Ram Island Ledge Light
Indian Head Rock


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Old Orchard Beach…

Turns out that another one of the only places in Maine that I was aware of ahead of time is also close by this campground.  I searched so long for a parking space at Old Orchard Beach that once I found one I wasn’t actually in Old Orchard Beach anymore.  Which was probably a good thing or the beach goers vacationing there would have been seeing this mucky surf.OrchardbeachfishingpoleOrchardbeachseagullOrchardbeachbutterflyOrchardbeachcottagegardenI took a couple of pictures and headed back to the car to see if I could find the amusement park that I thought was at Old Orchard Beach.  And I did.  And do you see that very nice looking life guard in the feature photo?  I asked him why the surf had been so mucky up the way a little.  He was my age, well, not my actual age.  He was the age I think I am, and very friendly.  He said, in his sexy Italian accent, that it’s a factor of the wind and the seaweed.  I wonder how they kept it off this stretch of beach?OrchardbeachfessiswheelOrchardbeachfessiswheel2OrchardbeachpierOrchardbeachwave1OrchardbeachwavesceneI also asked the lifeguard which lighthouse this is that I was seeing off in the distance.  Biddeford light was the answer, he said he thought that’s what it was.  I just enjoyed his accent.Orchardbeachlight?I found this beach town to be a little less slick that some of the tourist traps I’ve seen.  You can still walk up the street and find the same fries, and ice cream, and taffy shops you find in a lot of beach towns.  But it had an old fashioned feel to me, and that appealed to me a lot.  I took this picture for my friend who has her eyes open for a little house with a porch to make her own.  I found her a candidate, and I’d definitely love to come and stay a while in the summer…OrchardbeachKozyCorner