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Making my way…

Last night I found a potential post I had written sitting forgotten in the computer.  It was written as I began this first snowbird season of mine, driving with a new appreciation of what I was seeing through the windshield as I made my way north.  I’m sure that I expressed most of what I had written in former posts since then, but what struck me was my last comment from that post.

If it’s photography that’s opened my mind to actually see and appreciate all that’s around me then it has improved my life immensely.  Now to try to slow down and stop for the photo ops along the way, that’s my goal for this trip.  And every day from now on, no matter where I am.

And that’s exactly what I feel like I’ve done.  I’m happy that I wrote that statement so that I can pat myself on the back for following through.  But there are so many more places left to explore.  I can’t wait…




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Quaint Nantucket…

The quaintness factor of Nantucket became apparent even as our ship docked at Straight Wharf.  All the buildings have cedar shingles, weathered to a soft gray, and trimmed in historical colors only.  The window boxes are filled to overflowing with flowers in a riot of colors.  Former fishing shacks (each valued at over $1M) greet you as you dock, and on the dock they are  repurposed to be shops, with their colorful wares spilling out the doors.  So colorful that I didn’t realize the sky had clouded over while I was taking pictures.  And lots of places to eat, the smells were heavenly.  Quaintness2 QuaintnesswindowboxQuaintnesswhichway2QuaintnessshopsQuaintness4Quaintness5

After a mug of delicious chowder I headed out to take the bus tour of the island.  The driver was a wealth of information about the history of the island.  So much so that my mind is boggled to remember it all.  First of all, turn left at this sign to find the tour.  And if you find it then by all means take it.QuaintnesssignOn the tour you will pass a shop with interesting panes in the windows.  The remnants of glass blowing produces these spirals of thick glass which I had never seen before.  I was reduced to shooting pictures through the window of the bus, switching from side to side, and that’s obvious in some of these photos.  I’m glad there were empty seats so I could do that without driving anyone nuts.  The driver pointed out the oldest house in Nantucket, purchased as a wedding gift to Jethro Coffin and his bride in 1686.  And he mentioned that Benjamin Franklin’s mother was born on Nantucket.  The Old Mill is still in operation, so when you pass by it you never know which direction the sails will be facing.  The cap turns so that they can be faced to the wind in order to operate.  They can also be covered in canvas also, to aide in their operation.QuaintnesswindowpanesQuaintnessoldesthouseQuaintnessgristmillBut all of that information was a bonus to me.   The entire reason I wanted to take the bus tour was to see another lighthouse.  There are three on the island, but the last one is only accessible with a 4-wheeled drive vehicle or from the water.  So the Sankaty Head Light was my grand finale of the day.  The driver said that the light blinks faithfully every 7 1/2 seconds, but he admitted that they had turned it off once but he didn’t know that, and he confidently told that tour group to watch for it but it didn’t happen.  He thoughtfully stopped the bus and let me off to get some pictures, but I made sure he wasn’t going to take off again in 7 1/2 seconds.  He promised he wouldn’t.QaintnesssankatylightfarQaintnessSankatyheadlight

I confess that I photoshopped a golfer out of this shot.  He was in ALL my lighthouse shots.  Even the distant shot.  Go ahead and check if you like.  The beach erosion on the far side of the island is taking a toll.  Million dollar houses are now perilously close to toppling into the water.  Concerned citizens funded the relocation of the lighthouse 400 feet further from the water, and it was determined that they would have lost the lighthouse if they had waited another year.  There are also many perils for ships off of the coast right there.  The Andrea Doria and the Swedish ship Stockholm crashed 45 miles off the coast.  Fog was the culprit in that wreck.  But many ships met their end there, and the wreckage lies on the bottom along the coast.  Or in the Shipwreck and Whaling Museum.  For 150 years Nantucket was the whaling capital of the world.  Yes, this sleepy little town has seen it’s share of history.

Nantucket was quickly lost in the fog as we pulled out of the harbor heading back to Hyannis.  The fog got heavier and the ship was rocking in the waves.  My last photo op of the day was supposed to be sunset from the water, and that would have been nice, but all in all I’m not complaining…Qaintnesssgoodbye

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There I was, beating myself up for not being more settled into the camper since I’ve been here a week already.  Here being the Pastures in Orford, NH.  Then I realized that today is only my 4th full day here so maybe I’m not doing so badly after all.  Especially since I pushed the button on the coffee pot and ran out to drive myself to the bathrooms in the pouring rain and didn’t have electricity when I got back.  Note to self; don’t run the new ceramic heater and the coffee pot at the same time.  And then I threw the first switch of my life and I’m back in business. Not doing badly at all.

I’m happy with the place but I confess to having nothing to compare it too since I’m a first timer at everything about camping.  I’m actually tickled with the bath/shower room, which has been recently redone.  It’s chilly out and it’s not heated, there is a screen door only, so whatever temperature it is out is what temperature it is in.  Even that hasn’t been a problem.  And I am at the mercy of whatever is available as bathroom facilities go so this will be a big thing for me going forward.  And the fact that I don’t have a plan past the end of the month is a concern, but it’s not enough to keep me home looking for options either.  Not when I could be out looking at the scenery and taking pictures.  Except it’s pouring out and has been all night, so hooray for wifi. Here are the bathroom facilities, with a nearby playground and fenced pool beyond.  6_04_19amenities

Not too long ago I was on a trip to a covered bridge here in NH, and the GPS kept wanting me to take a right onto a tiny dirt road, which I (fortunately) was too chicken to actually do.  They were hunting trails from the 1800s and led nowhere, according to a local.  So as I drove here and was down to my last 20 miles or so I started to see similar looking dirt roads but with signs announcing campgrounds, and an arrow pointing down the road.  I began to panic and wondered what I’d do if I finally got here and that’s what the entrance looked like.  But I needn’t have worried.  This place was welcoming right from go.6_04_19pasturesentrance6_04_19redhouse6_04_19redhousegardenI love this little red house that is a rental that belongs to the campground owners also. My girlfriend has been on the look out for a nice little house and I think this one fits the bill, except it’s an hour from where she wants to be.  6_04_19canoes6_04_19redboat6_04_19bridge16_04_19bridge2There are a couple of docks on the grounds since we are right on the Connecticut river.  That’s Vermont on the far side.  If you cross the bridge you are in another state.  And back and forth multiple times a day.

My friend and I were finding pictures of pop up campers all redecorated, ‘glamped up’, so to speak.  I haven’t even gotten my awning up yet, and to be honest I’m glad about that because the wind has been kicking up every night, with and without rain.  I feel snug in this little space though, well snug with the new little electric heater.  We determined that the on board heater uses my propane so it was a good investment.  And I can use the propane while the coffee pot is on.  Charley would be proud.  I think camping suits me, even in the rain…

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Snowbird diaries, Chapter 2

I feel like a bit of a fraud.  For months now I have been talking about setting out in my comfy trailer with a couch and a Murphy bed, and being a Snowbird.  I planned to ‘decorate’ it.  Maybe not over-the-top ‘glamping’, a la Pinterest, but make it mine.  Until my fellow campers online insisted that I couldn’t pull that trailer with my van, which had shown up on Facebook one day as rated excellent for towing.  Just saying.  So the dealer took responsibility and were going to switch me to a smaller trailer, but when I went to the dealership to see it in person it wasn’t there yet.  But on the showroom floor was this pop up camper that I fell in love with.  On sale.  Sold.

Now this I could handle, I thought.  It’ll be easier, not so much technology to figure out and to go wrong.  But that was theory, the reality came when I went back on the 30th for my walk through, and I drove it away.  Not to the campground, that will be today, but to my friend’s house where I would have to pull up the driveway and then turn myself around.  I put some thought into this ahead of time and had a plan, but, as my uncle had already warned me, the smaller the trailer the harder it is to back up because it responds more quickly.  I found out what he meant as soon as I got there, when every time I turned the wheel the camper looked like a virtual jack knife maneuver.  I eventually gave up and thought I was going to have to get someone to do it for me, which was disappointing.  S I unhitched the camper and parked the van beside it for the night.

By yesterday I had a new plan, so I re-hitched the camper…fullsizeoutput_120efullsizeoutput_1210.jpegYes, I backed up the van and got things hitched up by myself, grateful all the while for no witnesses.  It still took a few tries to get myself positioned to head back down that driveway and drive to the campground and begin this new adventure.  But now I know I can do it, it’s not just theory.  And that couch that I was so happy to find in the original camper?  It’s in this one!  Seriously!  And so it begins…

'scene' along the way, adventure, bucket list, finding my way, leap of faith, learning, life goes on, moments, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel

Just thinking…

I’ve been reading a story in serial form, a new chapter waiting for me online every morning.  It’s written by another blogger with a lot more experience (and followers) than me.  Which isn’t hard since I’m here in the dark and quiet, in the recliner, with my laptop, and I’m just thinking out loud.  Well, accompanied by the sound of the typing, and the clock ticking.  That other people may find it and read it is nice, but it’s not the point exactly.

In the serial the main character has come upon an old typewriter and he has discovered that whatever he types on it the night before is the reality that he wakes up to in the morning.  What an interesting premise that is.  I sit and write at night, what if I could just write my way into whatever fantasy I’ve been thinking about?  It boggles the mind a bit, but me being me what comes to mind are my musings about life in an RV.  Not unlike this author’s premise, in my fantasy my little trailer is magically parked in a spot with a fabulous view.  Something with either a sunrise or sunset right outside the door.  And I explore to my heart’s content, taking pictures.  Period.   I’ve been enjoying this particular daydream for years, without ever trying to imagine how the trailer has gotten to that lovely spot.  It’s the imaginary destinations that I crave, not the gritty day-to-day work of getting from point A to point B.  Soon I’ll be forced to figure all of that out, daunting as that may be.  If only it could be as easy as “If I write it it will come.”

But there are places to go and people to meet.  They are really out there, they aren’t just in my head.  Like this place, Bass River, which caught my eye as I drove across the bridge.  Who could resist that little green tugboat off in the distance?  Certainly not me.02-14-19bassriver02-14-19bassriver202-14-19bassriver302-14-19bassriver4

The blogger that I’ve been enjoying can be found at beetleypete.com.


a second look, adventure, bucket list, connections, finding my way, leap of faith, life goes on, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel


The phrase “Pee or get off the pot” comes to mind, one of my mother’s favorite sayings.  So I did, metaphorically speaking.  Restructured my life with the goal to have nothing to do but have fun for the rest of my days, however many of them there may be.  But in thinking about all the things I’ve longed to do in my life I needed to take it a step further.  I’ve said that I want to travel, to be footloose and fancy free.  And at this moment in time I feel that I’m physically able enough to tackle that lifestyle.  But there can be no more procrastinating, no more ‘somedays’ to look forward to.  It’s pretty much a ‘put up or shut up’ sort of thing.  ‘Do or die’?   

So I did.  Yesterday.  At the RV show.  Bought a tiny little travel trailer so I can take my show on the road, knitting and all.  I hope the learning curve isn’t too steep for me because I’m a total novice at camping of any sort.  I’d let myself get discouraged and overwhelmed at the thought, but then I think of the photo ops and I’m ready for this.  If I hadn’t done it yesterday I’d have wanted to go back today to sign on the dotted line.  Instead of traveling in the weather I’ll be googling places to go.01-20-19geopro