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More from Circle B…

The area occupied by Circle B Bar Reserve was once a cattle farm.  It was purchased through an environmental lands acquisition referendum and the land is now home to many birds and other wildlife.  Once I had spotted the Roseate Spoonbills the bird that would have been at the top of my list to see after that would have been owls.  Except I saw these Barred owls before I saw the spoonbills.  Where to see them was pointed out to me as soon as I got there, and I knew that at least one of my wishes for the day had come true already. 1-7owl1 copy1-7owl2 copy1-7owl3 copy But in addition we have the Anhinga, one of which passed though my backyard today, stopping for a moment on the post usually occupied by the little blue heron… 1-7anhinga1 copy1-7anhinga2 copyThe Limpkin, which I’m told eats apple snails…1-7limpkin copyThe Red-sholdered Hawk, another of my backyard visitors …1-7hawk copy1-7hawk2 copyThe Green Heron, another new bird to me…1-7greenheron copyThe Great Egret, not an uncommon bird to see but always so pretty…1-7greategret copyAs you can see, it was a great day.  I’ll be heading back again, but I’ll be happy to go when it’s a little warmer than Saturday was.  It warmed up nicely though, but not until it was time for me to leave.