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Carter Hill Orchard…

Apples and fall, they go hand in hand don’t they?  So it seemed that a trip to the apple orchard was in order.  We found them ready for Halloween already, but that’s okay.  It added a photo op or two.  We also found folks with binoculars who’s mission was to count the raptors they could see.  We watched them looking to the sky with their binoculars, and we joined them on their raised platform.  It was a little disappointing not to see any birds, but the views were spectacular, a little more ‘fall’ out there.

Oh, did I mention the apple cider donuts?  Spotted those right away…


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The Holy Donut

I know nothing at all about marketing, let me start there.  But back in 1990 I became possessed with buying a Ford Explorer, and later on I read that they aimed their marketing to women, so I must be susceptible.  As I drove to the Wild Duck Campground in Scarborough, ME my thoughts were on my fears of what would the road be like? Would I get myself into a situation where my lack of experience in towing a camper would get me stuck?  So I was lost in thought, sitting at a traffic light with only a mile to go, and I looked to my left and saw The Holy Donut on the corner.  I was instantly charmed.  I thought what a great name that was, and then the light turned green, but I vowed to check it out the next day.

Still charmed, I set out to try some the next morning, but it was only then that I noticed their real claim to fame.  They serve Maine potato donuts!  The main claim to uniqueness and I failed to pick up on it.  So on the spot I saw blog post potential, and that meant that I needed a scientific approach to this breakfast escapade, so I bought SIX donuts.  I mean I had to base a post on more than just one flavor, right?  What did I choose?  Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Coffee Cake, Sweet Potato, Triple Berry Holy Cannoli, Toasted Coconut, and Maine Blueberry.  No, I didn’t eat them all, couldn’t have eaten them all because they are bigger, and heavier, than your average donut.  I cut a wedge from each one to try each flavor, and the only one I didn’t like was the chocolate one.  I love chocolate so I don’t know why that was.  When I bought them I thought that I now had breakfast for the next couple of days, but I kept picking on them that day so I eventually threw out the rest of the box just to save myself.  I have zero will power, at least to sweet treats.  Over the two weeks I was at the campground I also tried Lemon, Vanilla, and the best ever, Blueberry Lemon!  I thought that was so good that I said to myself that I would have that every day for the rest of my stay.  Only it turned out that was the last day of that specialty flavor.  I was so disappointed!  What new flavor was the replacement?  Maine Apple!  Be still my heart.  I could have stayed longer in that beautiful part of Maine, but maybe it’s a good thing that I have moved on, for my waistline at least. secondtryHolydonutsignage2HolydonutbackdoorHolydonutflavorsHolydonutsignageHolydonutvarietiesI came to realize that the van delivers fresh donuts to various local businesses, so you don’t have to go to the store itself.  But then you would miss all the accessories you might choose to buy!


The Holy Donut!  Whoever came up with the marketing for this place is a genius!Holydonutenjoy

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The Florida Strawberry Festival…

That I”m a rookie at this photography stuff came home to me again when I realized that I had taken a lot of pictures at the strawberry festival yesterday, but never took one of the actual strawberry shortcake.  I had wondered if I would come away with nothing but pictures of mounds of whipped cream and strawberries, and came away with none.  I wonder if Sunday afternoon might be the biggest crowd of the entire week, but I found myself sucked into a vortex and just snapped photos as the crowd swept me along.  If it’s shortcake you are looking for then you’ll have to get down there yourself, it runs through the 11th…



I found the charm I was looking for in the exhibition hall where they displayed their winning cakes, horticulture, quilts, and lots more.  A large display case held images of all the strawberry queens over the years, but I was a little disappointed that 1948, my birth year, wasn’t represented.  But then I saw that she was in a featured showcase of her own.



Maybe it’s the fact that I pack donuts for a living, but the donut burger caught my eye.  You always hear about crazy fair food, and I was excited to take this picture because it was early on and I expected to take lots of photos of food, but this and the elephant ears were my only food photos.  And I was obnoxious and told the woman that that’s not what we call elephant ears at Publix.  She said that hers were ‘authentic’.donutburgerelephantearI purposely wanted to go to this event alone, as I do most of the time when I’m wanting to take pictures, because I think I’ll drive another person nuts with my photo taking.  But I think that with another person’s perspective my visit might have been even more fun.  So grab a friend and go, but try not to miss the strawberry shortcake!

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Thoughts while we wait…

With the storm front and center in every conversation the past few days it’s hard to think of much of anything else. But when I saw the truck above as I arrived at work yesterday morning it brought back a pleasant memory from a few years ago. I had been seeing trucks like this, hauling trailers loaded with cages, in the parking lot fairly regularly, but hadn’t paid much attention to them. Little enough attention that I had assumed that they held chickens headed to market. But one evening Charley and I were having dinner at the bar in Applebee’s just up the street from the store, and we got to talking with another customer.  Eventually the conversation turned to homing pigeons. Turns out there is a good sized group of people in the area who keep, and race, homing pigeons. That’s when it dawned on me that those cages I was seeing were holding pigeons and not chickens.

The trucks meet at my store and load up the pigeons of the competitors and then drive them to Tennessee for the start of the race. The pigeons are banded, and their start and finish times are recorded electronically. He said that it’s a big enough activity that there are pigeons who are worth $50,000, based on their speed. It was interesting to hear about an activity that was totally new to me, and I was curious and told the man that I could understand the pigeons having a urge to fly back home, but I had to ask what makes them make the trip at top speed. His answer surprised me. He said that when the pigeons arrive home from a race is the only time they are allowed to fraternize with pigeons of the opposite sex. I guess that would be an incentive wouldn’t it?

A nice memory to think of while I packed the donuts …