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King Ida…

I suppose it’s not politically correct to lump people into a group and then talk about my impression of the people who fit into that group.  Like how cat-like and aloof I found the people to be at the one and only cat show I ever attended.  Conversely, my dog show experience seemed to be the opposite.  The people were friendly, like, well, puppies.  But what’s on my mind today is a desire to rave about what nice people photographers seem to be.  What a great activity to re-find at this time of my life when I had figured out that spending all my time alone was probably not going to work out well for me in the long run.  I wanted to get out and do something, and jumped at the chance to go to a photography class I happened to see on Facebook one morning.  I couldn’t have known where that spur of the moment decision would lead me.  The photographers I have met have proven themselves to be willing to share technical information about the camera itself, and locations for shooting.  Not just willing to help, happy to help.

The other morning at the Cape Cod Canal was a good example.  I was standing there with my camera and tripod when several other photographers showed up.  “Have you seen the King?”, was the question.  I think I probably just stood there with a blank look on my face, so he said, “The King Ida.”  I was still lost.  He pointed out that all the ducks I was seeing had just arrived in the last week or two.  The white ones are Ida’s, he said.  The males, he explained, have a blue ‘cap’ over their eye, and he searched the photos in his camera until he found a photo of one.  He had only seen one, but he had heard that there were two with this group.  After our conversation he, and a few other photographers who had shown up, headed down the path to see if there was a King with the group that day.  There wasn’t.  But I smiled through the rest of the time I spent shooting these photos.  A little encounter like this one is enough to totally make your day, even when the King doesn’t show up…12-29canal

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Severe weather alert…

I didn’t start work until 9 AM yesterday, enough extra time in the morning for me to notice a hawk on the post out back and head out with the camera.  The hawk had taken off, but there was a black and white bird out there that didn’t look familiar.  Merlin said it was a Merganser, which I thought were all black, but the info said that they can be anything from all white to all black.  I guess it’s that fleshy orange nose piece that sets them apart.  It was a pretty bird though, another one I didn’t think I’d seen before.5-15muscovy5-15muscovy2

By the time I finished work I had a severe weather alert on my phone when I picked it up to head home.  But that message goes away when you unlock the phone and I seldom look to see what exactly we might expect as far as severe weather goes.  And that’s because it (almost) never materializes.  Like the boy that cried wolf, those messages are easily ignored, and yesterday was no exception.  Apologies to anyone who really did have some ‘weather’ yesterday, I realize that my view of the world is rather limited.  (Fast forward to Weds. morning and I see that all my northern friends and relatives had much worse weather than we did.  Hoping all are well.)

Perhaps the Sandhill cranes pay more attention to the weather than I do, because I was surprised to see them on a lawn as I drove through the neighborhood heading home.  I took some iPhone photos and headed home thinking they’d soon be out on the lake, coming back earlier because of the weather.  I was hearing thunder by then.  The hawk was back on the post, just as he had been that morning.  And one of the adult cranes took exception to that Merganser and chased him off.  Nice when the photo ops come to you on a severe weather alert sort of day.5-15colts15-15colts25-15colts45-15hawk

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Glossy Ibis, a newcomer…

When you let Ozzie out and the ducklings are right out back it’s hard to resist going back in for your camera.  And as you watch you spot a dark bird on the far side of the lake and take some photos of him also, and try to figure out what exactly he is.5-5glossyibis2

My first thought was Glossy Ibis because his back shone iridescent in the sunlight, and I was right, but I didn’t realize how red their heads can be.  Another bird I hadn’t seen on the lake before.  It took a while to notice the Tri-color Heron out there.5-5tri-color

But it was the ducklings that Ozzie and I mostly enjoyed.  And you see how terrified of Ozzie they were.  5-5oxandducks25-5ducklings15-5ducklings2

My efforts to see the cranes as they leave in the morning have backfired.  Oh I see them as they crest the hill and come into view…5-4cranes2

But each time I’ve been waiting for them they haven’t continued onto the pond behind mine, and I suspect that it was my presence that sent them scurrying up the street.  And, sure enough, I walked Ozzie this morning the cranes were at that pond, and probably had been there a while enjoying it since it was well after sunrise.  As much as I like to get nice photos I really don’t want to disturb them so I guess I’ll try to resist stalking them.


And when you are out back watching duckling and other creatures it can almost be a surprise to see the crane family returning after their day’s adventures.  Another day drawing to a close…5-5cranesreturn

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Ducks in a row…

This year’s cranes aren’t as predictable as last year’s cranes, which makes it harder to catch them on their way back to the nest at night.  They have been showing up much earlier than I might have expected, so I’m missing them as they cross the road, making my photo op always be from all the way across the lake.  Watching them my attention wanders, as it did the other night, and so I do things like notice a duck, with possible ducklings.4-30ducklingspotShe seemed to notice me just about the same time that I noticed her.  At first I thought it was a coincidence that she gathered her ducklings and started swimming towards me across the lake, giving me a better photo op.  But it didn’t take long to realize that she really was coming to me on purpose.  That’s when it hit me that someone has been feeding these ducks, and they were looking at me and thinking ‘lunch’.  4-30ducklingsetsail4-30ducklingsheadmyway24-30ducklingsheadmyway4-30ducklingsheadmyway23She was out of luck though, since I know that feeding them isn’t in their best interests.  So she gave up and headed out…4-30ducklingsheadoutI wish I knew if this is the same family I saw a few days ago, that ones with eight ducklings.  Perhaps the hawk that Mama duck fought off a few days ago has been persistent, or maybe there are two families.  That remains to be seen…

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I got stood up…

I guess he’ll grow into them, those feet that is…

4-24bigfoot4-24bigfoot24-24bigfoot34-24kidsreduxI was all set up yesterday morning.  On a lawn, sort of behind a tree.  Keeping a low profile so as not to disturb the cranes as they headed out from the lake.  I heard them sounding off like a couple of roosters, but it seemed to take them longer than normal to come into view.  The plan was that I could get pictures of them walking towards me across the neighbor’s lawn, and then across the street to the pond behind mine.  And finally they did show up and walk towards me, but then headed away from me and up the street.  I was stood up.

But when I parked the car I had noticed that there were ducklings on that little pond one street over from me.  There are seldom ducklings on my slightly bigger ‘lake’ so it was a treat to see them.  It was too dark to get pictures of them when I first saw them, but after the cranes were gone I took another look.  That is quite the brood to keep track of.  There are eight ducklings, but I couldn’t get an eighth one in any of my pictures.  Rowdy bunch, or maybe it’s just one wanderer…4-28ducklingsA neighbor said he heard a commotion out on that pond the day before. Turned out that Mama Duck was fighting off a hawk who had swooped in after a duckling. Mama drove him off, but that little wanderer had better watch out!