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I don’t remember how it is that I came to have this little rocking loveseat.  I mean I always loved it, but it sat in my father’s den when I was a kid.  It was a little out of the way, and I can’t say that I ever sat in it much, but I loved it.  The small size just fit, and it rocked, I loved that.  When my mother was downsizing after my father died I vaguely remember that we borrowed a truck and Charley helped me get a few of my mother’s treasures and bring them home to Maryland with us, and this was one of them.  It’s completely threadbare now, which is why those throws are covering it.  Not only threadbare, but whatever foam was padding this chair has long since disintegrated.  That is probably due to my daughter’s kids.  By the time it had migrated to her house it was already over 30 years old, and the wear and tear the my two oldest grandchildren put on it took a toll.  But that was probably the first time that little chair felt loved.  I remember that my daughter used to lay infant Kara on it, and Kevin would rock her gently to sleep.  When they moved I reclaimed it, and I’ve had it ever since.  It lived in my little upstairs den a few years later.  Kevin looked around that room, he was sitting on the loveseat at the time, and he told me that it was a very nice room.  I don’t know if I ever was so touched to get a compliment as I was to get that one.  Maybe it’s that it’s small.  That may be what appealed to me about it when I was a kid also.  The room would look better with a bigger chair there, it would look more balanced.  But sitting in it now feels like a hug from an old friend, and I love old friends…

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Getting to the finish line…

After enduring the cold up north recently, and finding myself back in Florida, you might think I have been out soaking up the sun.  Or swimming, I wanted to get back to swimming.  But I have reached a point whereby I couldn’t function with all the clutter in this place.  I said something to my uncle about how I was making headway in getting this place cleaned up, and he responded, “Really?” I guess it doesn’t show when you have been going through endless boxes of photos and finding the keepers.  So I haven’t been out with the camera, and my social life has taken place on Facebook for two days.  But last night I headed out to the races just as the sunset was winding down.

It probably isn’t what you imagined, this particular evening of horse racing.  But my cousins had been telling me how much fun it is for a while now.  Here they are at the starting gate…03-03-2019startinggate

And they are off!  #5 has taken an early lead…03-03-2019inthelead

Someone near and dear to my heart was announcing the race.  Ten races in all, plus a hot dog.  Yes, a fun evening…03-03-2019announcer

And here we are, another day dawning in Florida.  I’m not sure that I can stand another day of ‘organizing’.  Gee, maybe the bluebirds are out…03-03-2019sunrise

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Where the wind blows…

The day began with coffee with my son.  A rare event, a chance to talk.  A quiet time together.  And that was after a night of listening to the wind howling relentlessly. Which was a worry since I planned to move on to my daughter’s house, a long drive in the wind.  But I arrived safely, after hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life several times along the way.  And the day ended with a glass of wine with my daughter.  Not as quiet, but a nice visit with some of my favorite people.  A very rare day.  And this morning brings coffee with my daughter, and another windy drive ahead.  Heading home…02-26-19NYsunrise102-26-19NYsunrisefeature02-25-2019henryThanks to Henry for sleeping with me last night…

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Home Sweet Home…

For someone who spent most of her life preoccupying herself with thoughts of the dream house she may or may not have one day, I have to wonder how it is that I’m so pleased to call this little place home.  While I’ve been freezing up here, and yes, I’m up north again, I found myself wanting to get back there to my little place and fix it up.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent ‘fixing up’ my house over the years.  It doesn’t matter which house because I wallpapered and painted, sewed window treatments, and took down wallpaper and redecorated, all of them.  It was my stress relief when there were worries with the business, or the angst of surviving my teenagers.  (Turns out that I needn’t have worried, but there were no guarantees.). And over those years houses became mansions.  Not my house, but the new houses I’d see being built were palaces that I couldn’t imagine living in.  Or calling home.  When the kids came home from school to one of those houses was there a mom in there greeting them with fresh baked cookies?  They were anything but cosy.  So I guess the answer seems like it should be no, I never got my dream home.  But if that’s what you think then you’d be wrong, because that dream house in my mind kept evolving with time, and for this exact moment, at this exact time of my life, this really is my dream house.  Not too big, not to small, it’s just right.  Call me Goldilocks…02-23-19senatemanor102-23-19senatemanor2Not my view unfortunately, but just down the street.  And I thought a sunrise picture yesterday would be just the thing to finish this posting, but the sun wasn’t cooperating.  Neither were the bluebirds that are nesting in the little birdhouses across the street, but I’m leaving today, heading their way…02-23-19senatemanor3

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Black and white…

It didn’t take long after the holidays for me to remember that during my growing up in New England years I had always hated January.  Gloomy gray days looming endlessly ahead, with nothing to look forward to but more gloomy gray days.  This has been especially evident in my recent photos, which aren’t intentionally black and white.  It’s just that this is it.  It’s what we’ve got.  And in reality with the snow falling it was prettier than this looks.  This is the view from my son’s front porch, and on other visits I’ve taken beautiful sunset pictures from this same spot.  It was a four hour drive to get here, and one weather report from Tuesday had insisted that there was a ‘wall of white’ coming, so I was especially happy to have arrived ahead of the snow.  But arrive it did, just in time for photos.02-20-19bloominggrove

Back on the Cape I had noticed that Ozzie’s footprints in the mud had been preserved after he was gone, and I took this picture.02-20-19ozziepawMaybe that’s why I noticed this as I walked from my car into my son’s house.  A footprint of another kind.  Human, and barefoot in what I had to assume was the slush.  What crazy person walks outside barefoot in the slush?  That would be my granddaughter.  I only wish I’d had my phone with me to take a picture before the snowflakes blurred it a little.02-20-19magspaw

02-20-19flashI was out for pictures for a little while, but then I thought that Flash had a better idea, and I joined him by the fire.  My feet were only slightly less cold than if I had been out there in the slush barefoot.  If the fact that the snow plow was just here means anything those footprints are totally buried now.

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Lewis Bay…

Perhaps I should have been paying more attention to the Severe Weather Alert notices that kept taking over the navigation screen in the car.  The ones that I kept dismissing so that I could keep following the route.  As I drive I don’t look at the scenery anymore, just the road and the navigation screen.  That’s not a complaint though, I’ve had a lot more fun in this last year or so by following the GPS directions to photo ops, and to epic adventures.

The plan for today was to meet a cousin for breakfast this morning.  But when I flung the curtains open I discovered that I’d have to clean the snow off the car before I could go.  Wait, that meant I had to shovel my way out of there too!  I remember coming home for a visit once and encountering snow, and being horrified to see my 55 year old father heading out with the shovel.  He was too OLD to shovel, I said to myself, so I took over for him, and felt as if he’d barely escaped certain death.  Funny how your perspective changes as you age, at least chronologically, but mentally you are just the same person as ever.  My father was fond of saying that he was 18 years old, trapped in a 55 year old body.  I thought it was cute when he said it, it was only later that I ‘got’ it.  But I do wonder if I’d have done all the things that I have done in the last year when I was younger.  I would have told myself that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do because I had other obligations that came first.  It’s only lately that I’ve developed this ‘what the hell’ attitude and head out the door.  02-18-19winter3

But I got there, to breakfast I mean.  And since we were chatting I hadn’t read the menu at all. But the waitress was standing there, and I’d seen something about a Cape Cod Benedict, so I ordered it.  The waitress came back and told me that something that was supposed to be on that dish wasn’t available, so I’d have to have double lobster instead.  If I didn’t mind she said.  I said no, that would be fine.02-18-19CapeCodBenedict

As we were leaving my cousin suggested I head to Lewis Bay for photos, so I did that too.  Then I had a little trouble getting the car off the parking lot, but it’s like riding a bike, I remembered what to do.  But that was enough to send me home to pack.  I’ll be leaving the Cape tomorrow.  Many thanks to my sister and her dog Shadow, who let me and Ozzie invade their peace and quiet.  It’s been very nice, but it’s time to head for home and get settled into my new place.  And to warm up…02-18-19winter202-18-19winter402-18-19winter5