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The Rustie Inn

My mother’s nickname was Rustie, spelled with an ie. Honestly, I was an adult before I realized that that’s how she spelled it, after all, she signed everything I saw as Evelyn, or Mom. I think I noticed this sign the first time I drove into Jackson, and wanted to get a picture of it.  So yesterday I finally drove into the parking lot and got a picture. I showed it to my cousin, who was also unaware that Aunt Rustie was spelled that way, but she burst my bubble by informing me that it’s actually The Rustic Inn.  I find that disappointing for some reason. It’s also disappointing that my computer battery has died, and I can’t use the computer unless it’s plugged in.  And plugs are scarce and the competition has been fierce, so I had given up on using the computer for the most part, but I beat the crowd today.  So I will be packing up and I’ll soon be on my way home. When I finally can get back to the computer I hope I can remember where I took all the pictures that are waiting for me in the camera. And looking at my photo again I still think it says The Rustie Inn. I’m stubborn that way.

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Grand Targhee Resort…

My cousin and I had quite an adventure on Friday.  She said that she wanted me to see the Tetons from the ‘other’ side, which meant another trip over the Teton Pass, but I didn’t have to be the driver this time.  Going to Idaho was an easier trip over the pass, than the return trip, and she pointed out several things I missed on my first trip.07-24-20jacksonholesign07-24-20house07-24-20overthepass07-24-20totheresort07-24-20totheresort207-24-20totheresortrockHere we are at the top.  I’d love to convince you that we climbed our way up there, but no, we took the ski lift, and we were both glad we did.07-24-20meonmt107-24-20Mary on top of the worldWhat really astounded me was the fact that bikes were taken up the ski lift also.  Sometimes little bikes, implying that little kids were going to ride them down.  A  horrifying thought to me, I hope my grandchildren don’t get any ideas.07-24-20grandtargheeskilift07-24-20grandtargheeskilift2The view from the top was really great.  Well, almost from the top.  We could have gone higher, but honestly, it didn’t feel so much like walking a trail to me.  Nope, it felt more like a balancing act, so I was happy to stay where we were.07-24-20grandtargheesummit07-24-20house07-24-20grandtargheetownview07-24-20comingdown07-24-20bluebirdThis bluebird chose a precarious spot to eat his lunch.  He was hanging onto that stick for dear life in a very strong wind.  Maybe that wind had something to do with my feeling that it was a balancing act.  But we did it!  What a fun day!

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Slide Lake

Sunday my cousin and I walked the trail at Slide Lake, a favorite place of hers.  To get there we tackled roads nearly as rough as the one I had been on the week before, the road my cousin said that everyone who lives here knows better than to travel on.  She wanted to find “The Wedding Tree”, a spot where many locals choose to get married, including friends of hers, but she hadn’t ever been there. 07-19-20mooseweddingtreeWe also stopped to take pictures of the red hills and old wagons, plus the horses and cows who were observing us as we checked out the scenery.  One stop to see a couple of ravens who had caught our eye resulted in a quick glimpse of a moose and calf as they were heading Into the woods.  I resolved to go back to see what I could see another time.07-19-20mooseravens07-19-20mooseredhills207-19-20mooseredhills07-19-20mooseredhills307-19-20mooserockface07-19-20moosescene207-19-20moosescene07-19-20moosewagon207-19-20moosecalf07-19-20moosehorses07-19-20moosewagonBut I’m forgetting to mention the Gros Ventre Slide, scene of an event that changed the scene in this area.  And named the lake in the process.07-19-20mooseslidesign07-19-20mooseslidescene

And a tease of sunset on the way home.07-19-20moosesunset

'scene' along the way, birds, Camping, family, finding my way, Just do it, life, life goes on, making memories, natural wonders, nature, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel

Palmer Lake…

My cousin and I took an afternoon hike to Palmer Lake on Friday.  So warmer temperatures than our earlier hikes, and while the uphill portions were nothing compared to the day before, I found myself struggling to get my breath.  And wondering how I managed the day before at all.  My Steps app is a disappointment to me.  I feel like I ought to get extra credit for all the uphill hiking I’ve done.  My first impression of FL was that I didn’t like it because it was too flat, but I’ll have a new appreciation for the nice flat walks from now on.  Here are some shots from that Palmer Lake hike.  The colorful columbine, the common merganser, the western bluebird, and the scenery.  Its always about the scenery, and the buffalo on the way.07-18-20morningreflectionsbluebird07-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo07-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo207-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo307-18-20morningreflectionsbuilding07-18-20morningreflectionslightcolumbine07-18-20morningreflectionspurplecolumbine07-18-20morningreflectionsthelake07-18-20morningreflectionswaterfall

'scene' along the way, adventure, Camping, family, fun, Just do it, learning, making memories, natural wonders, nature, perseverance, photography, travel

Travels with my cousin…

This particular relationship isn’t so much a reconnection, but a getting to know you.   My cousin lives in Jackson and comes to the park for hiking and kayaking often, which means she has lots of favorite places to show me.  So my birthday was spent being chauffeur driven yet again, and to places I very likely would have missed on my own.  Thank you for a great day Mary, and best is is we will have time to do more while I’m here.07-11-20Mary07-11-20trailview07-11-20reflectionboats

Mary is a great spotter, she pointed out photo op after photo op, I could barely keep up.  She also reminded me to remember to look up while we are watching our footsteps on the trail.  She spotted the cedar waxwings (we think) who loved the berry laden bushes, and waited patiently for us to move along so they could have lunch.



There was a stop for gas at a fun looking restaurant I’d love to visit before I leave.07-11-20flowersandwheel

Being here really brings home the reality of people heading west in wagons like this, seeking a better life.07-11-20wagon

Birds were enjoying the water and what nature provides along the trail.07-11-20duckyfeature


I almost caught this buffalo’s dust bath with all four legs in the air, but I missed that shot.07-11-20dusty

Mormon Row was in interesting stop also.  Mary wanted me to see the most photographed barn in the US, I think she said.07-11-20Mormonrowsign07-11-20pinkhouse07-11-20horses07-11-20mountainview07-11-20barn

I got a kick out of what I thought of as ‘the little outhouse on the prairie’…07-11-20outhouse

It was a great day, as you can see.  Happy Birthday to me!

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The Paint Mines…

I hadn’t heard of the Paint Mines before, but what an interesting place to hike and explore.  Climbing on the rocks is prohibited, but you are free to wander through the crevasses to better see and touch the rocks. 07-04-20Paintminesgeology07-04-20Paintminesovertime07-04-20Paintminesrock07-04-20Paintminesshrub07-04-20PaintminesJo07-04-20Paintminesclay207-04-20Paintminesclay

Where some water pooled you really saw the color in the water, so Jo scooped some up yes, it felt like clay.  An amazing resource for people thousands of years ago…