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Moments to treasure…


“The best times in your life are the little moments when you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time.”

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Life is adorable…

My granddaughter gave me a lovely gift for my recent birthday.  It’s a book of inspirational messages with lovely images, and the text is in German.  You see, this is the granddaughter who up until recently was teaching Kindergarten in Bucharest, and who now is teaching in Munich.  She said I might pick up a little German as I go to Google Translate to read the daily message.  And I might.  According to the translation, this image means,

‘Life is adorable, you just have to see it through the right glasses.’

I’m sure the gist of the message is correct, and I sort of like that the phrasing is a little awkward.  That adds to the charm.  The world is a smaller place for this generation of young adults.  How can that be anything but a good thing?  I would never have had the courage to take such a chance as she did by traveling so far from home on her own.  Especially at 22.  I find that so much of what has changed in society to be distressing these days, but I suppose that just means that I really am  an old codger.  Kudos to these young people.  I hope they can make this world a better place for the generations to come.  Thank you, Kara.fullsizeoutput_3ae.jpeg

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Riding the rails…

Taking the light rail to go to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor yesterday seemed like a really good idea from the point of view of not having to find a parking space.  I needn’t have worried though, because there are lots more parking garages, and hotels, and more of, well, everything, at the Inner Harbor now.  And the light rail was fine, until we wanted to go home and had to wait for a train, and the ride home seemed to take so much longer than the ride to the harbor had.  And we got home just in time for Georgie, the kitty above, to catch the mouse we suspected he had been stalking all day.  Georgie is a rescue who has no claws and few teeth, but he is a great hunter.  But what he did with that mouse remains a mystery, and as I laid down on the couch to go to sleep I thought I’d lay there awake worrying that he’d decide to bring it to the couch with me to finish it off.  He didn’t.  Now to see what photos I got yesterday.  But I got this one ready immediately.  Soon my granddaughter and her Sam will be in Munich, starting an adventure together.  But for now they are here with us…7-9KaraandSam

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From the porch…

This was my last NY sunset, at least for a little while.  I’ll go back to pick up Ozzie of course, but there is no date for that so far.  This is my time to spend with my daughter and her family in PA, and it’s pure chaos here.  But in a nice way, just busy, happy kids, all going in different directions.  I remember my mother being overwhelmed when she would visit my house all those years ago, and when she said it was too much I was a little insulted.  Now I guess it’s my turn to find my head spinning as I take it all in.  I will be taking my camera with me wherever we go, but finding a peaceful time to sit and write might be difficult.  But that’s okay.  I came for the people, and the hugs, the computer can wait…

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Where am I?

I see that there are some new people who have found this blog in the last couple of weeks, and I thought I ought to explain that the ‘nature coast’ in the title of the blog refers to the several counties along the Gulf coast of Florida just above Tampa Bay.  And, obviously, that’s not where I am at the moment.  This blog came about a year ago due to a coincidence of a class I took and a new camera I had just purchased, not really out of a need to share any profound thoughts or with an agenda of any kind.  I had settled into a comfortable routine in my widowhood, and felt almost smug as I spent my evenings alone at home doing whatever I wanted to do.  And I went on like that for quite a while, until I started needing people again.  My people, my ‘home’, New England, where I grew up and never failed to feel like I belonged when I visited.  People, old friends, family, grandchildren, I needed them all.  So I have thrown caution to the wind and left my little part-time job, and my snug little Florida house, and even the new friends I was just beginning to make, to take a road trip.  And I will stay until my heart, which had felt so empty, has filled back up.  Or until they all get sick of me…7-5church7-5farm7-5shack7-5shack27-5shack37-5townhall

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Lazy summer days…

The photography guru who is the head of my group at home would be rolling his eyes over the idea that I spent all day yesterday instructing my friend in the art of photo editing in Lightroom.  I did stress to her that this is my interpretation of what was taught to us, not to be taken as gospel that this is how it’s supposed to be done.  We took pictures, visited with friends, and kept our activity to a minimum in this heat.  Heat to rival Florida, but no one up here seems to be equipped with A/C, not as we are in FL.  Hardy New Englanders endure the winters, I thought, but I had forgotten about the summers.  But next week will bring relief, or so they say…7-2boatHDR7-2gazeboHDR7-2naughtynellie's7-2tracktor7-2goldfinchYes, we had ice cream, just sayin’