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Happily ever after…

I have a friend who has lots to say on the subject of UFOs and aliens.  He asked if I believed in them, and while I couldn’t say that I do think they are ‘real’, I certainly wouldn’t stake my life on them not being real.  They are among the many things that I haven’t given a lot of thought to, or any thought to at all.  Even after he brought it up I spent no time pondering the possibilities.  

But I have moved on from the person I’ve been since Charley died, the one who was home every night, happily I might add, feeling snug, and safe, and proud of herself for making it through another day.  No, I’ve turned into a person who is looking at the world a little differently, able to admit that maybe there could be more to life, but not willing to bet any money that anything will change.  It’s made me see things differently.  And finding yourself single as you hang onto the last vestiges of your 60s is a lot like you have been dropped here from a UFO and are expected to make heads or tails out of this society.  One which bears no resemblance to what the world was like the last time I was single.  To me the ‘rules’ of behavior are still the same rules that I grew up with all those years ago.  But if TV is to be believed it’s a whole new world out there and I am totally not ready for it.  I don’t know the rules, or maybe the biggest rule is that there aren’t any rules.  I am as unprepared for a social life now that I’m old as I was when I was 18. 

I was looking for something to watch on Netflix, and saw a show called “Love”, and thought it would be harmless, kind of like the Hallmark Channel, or the easy listening channel on the radio.  Boy, was I wrong.  But I was looking at Netflix because I’m tired of the Hallmark Channel and it’s sappy, happily-ever-after stories.  That’s not real life.  But this is real life, and maybe I’m already living the only happily ever after that I’m going to get.  Would that be so bad?  No, not really…

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The ‘atmospheric’ style…

When the Tampa Theatre was built in 1926, the movie studios controlled the production, distribution, and venues where their movies were played.  John Eberson was the most sought after movie house designer of the times, and he pioneered the ‘atmospheric’ style, of which it was said that the Tampa Theatre was his favorite design.  Movie goers were to be transported, for several hours at least, to exotic courtyards, under moonlight skies complete with stars.  The theater survived the  Great Depression and WW2, but by the 70s it took a monumental effort to rescue this theater from becoming a parking lot.  Today the Tampa Theatre is on the National Register of Historic Places, and hosts more than 600 events each year.  Tours are held several times a month and the one I attended today was quite informative and entertaining.  And I learned that a silent film is scheduled to be shown on June 2nd, complete with a live orchestra.  There aren’t many people with the skills to play the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ, and we were treated to a few tunes played for us today.

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Even with the new camera the size of the spaces in the theater were a challenge to photograph.  Even in the theater itself it’s hard to get far enough away to see it all in your viewer with the balconies overhead.  The starry, starry sky effect is quite lovely, and the photos don’t do it justice.  This was a fun way to spend a rainy day.  Thanks to the photographer friend who suggested this as a photo op.  I looked it up this morning and found I had just enough time to get myself there for the tour.  Must have been meant to be!

P. S. Love the new camera!

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Fantasy flowers…

There was this window of opportunity between torrential downpours, and I took full advantage.  I zipped over to the Y and swam laps, then I raked leaves like a good neighbor, and in doing so I noticed some tiny pink flowers in the Purple Queen.  And the Plumbago, and a lovely Magnolia blossom.  You know what happened next… but you might not have expected that I turned to Waterlogue, Prisma, and Glaze, because I was out of time, and options, and sunshine…





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This is a test…

If you are seeing this post it means it rained like crazy and I couldn’t get out for photos, or I fell asleep in the recliner, or maybe I had a hot date.  But I wouldn’t bet money on that last one.  No, it was pouring, but happily I had just recently gotten on the roof of the lanai with a leaf blower and de-leafed the gutters! But I remembered my idea to take one photo and put it through it’s paces in all my various photo apps on the iPad.  I started with the featured photo above, and here’s where it went.

In Distressed Effects I liked every single one I tried.  All I did was open the photo and clicked the various effects buttons and it came up with these.  There are adjustments within the app that I haven’t learned, but it gives you an idea of what’s possible.  If you hover over each photo it will tell you the date, DE for Distressed Effects, and the effect for that photo.  I think it would be worth learning more about that app, practice makes perfect and all that.



Next I tried the Reflect app, but it was a terrible photo to use for that app.  I do like adding reflections, I’ve played with that before, but not with this photo.  But within the app is an fx button, and using that I dragged in a desert sun and then tried a few other things which I can’t say that I remember.  It’s a really good app, just not so much for this photo.1-6reflectfxNow for the Prisma app.  I’ve never tried this app and not liked the results, but again this wasn’t the right photo for it.  So the idea of taking a single photo and using it in multiple apps probably wasn’t the greatest idea.  See, this is why I like living with dogs, I ran the idea past them and they thought it was a great idea. But then they think all my ideas are terrific.  Don’t tell them otherwise.



Wait, I forgot about Superimpose.  This was easy to use, and again, there is a lot more you can do.  I need to play with this app some more.  But this is just the bird photo and one of my moon photos, with the opacity adjusted.  There are tutorials within the app, and probably on You Tube also.  What else is there to do when you are hunkered down waiting for better weather?1-6superimpose

Why not try iColorama? Another one I’ve played with before.



PIP Camera too!



Yes, I cheated and included a couple of photos that were better suited to the PIP app.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  And as long as I’m breaking my own premise for this post I’ll include several more photos done in iColorama.  I had to work to find the kaleidoscope-type effects I’ve played with before.  I found a nice hibiscus photo in my stash, and started with ‘form’ in the top group of adjustments, then tried effects from there.  Another fun app to play with…



Sometimes a rainy day isn’t such a bad thing…