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Fall in Florida…

There has been lots of fall foliage in my Facebook feed lately, but mostly from New England and Michigan. And just today my Facebook memories reminded me of the trees I used to see on my way home from work that I used to claim as fall color, Florida style. So today I rode up to Spring Hill to find the trees, and then headed to the botanical garden to see what was blooming.

I think the color of the trees disappointed me a little, it’s more brown than red. I think that the glimpse of those trees that you see behind houses, or hidden among other trees, always seems to be brighter fall colors. But when I haven’t been up north for a while it feels like fall to me.

The botanical garden was a surprise today. It was early and the flowers were plentiful and loaded with water droplets, and butterflies.

That orange butterfly must have been hungry because he let me get a lot of photos of him. And one photo was straight down on his back, and when I viewed it blown up in the computer all I could do was say, “Boo!” Halloween will be here soon…

And while I was zooming and cropping I loved these droplets too!

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Pithlachascotee River sunrise…

Yesterday’s sunrise photos with lovely reflections in the water were probably due to the fact that the air was so still.  Which is what was also responsible for the no-see-ums being so unbearable, according to the gentleman I was talking with.  Today there was nice color from the nearby bridge I like to go to, but no reflections in the choppy surface of the water, and no no-see-ums.  If that’s what it takes to be bug free then that’s fine with me.  I was happy to see the color come up, and then it was time to get on with the rest of my day…06-17-20pithlascotiesunrise2

As 06-17-20taillightsAs I waited for the color to come up I got to thinking about seeing if I could get light trails from the cars that were whizzing past right behind me.  I should try that again.06-17-20lastone06-17-20closecolor06-17-20flag


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This and that…

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have gone back to the botanical garden quite so soon, but my friends were going so I tagged along.  I thought I shot myself in the foot by only carrying my Lumix point and shoot camera.  So far I’ve only used it for night photography, which is what I bought it for.  But I was told it was good for macro too, so I was forcing myself to try it.  In the viewer I was seeing all the shots in black and white, to my horror, and I thought they were all blurry.  Turned out they were neither.


I have to say that the thing you can usually count on when you go shooting with Betty is that you are going to find photo ops, one way or another.

When I got this she got that, rinse and repeat.





Thanks to Betty for letting me use her photos to make my point.  We are definitely in our second childhood, but this time together!  And thank goodness I didn’t order a Barbie of my own.  I had no idea you had to be a contortionist to get the photos…

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Day one…

It may be a new year, but apparently I haven’t turned over a new leaf.  I took the drive to Safety Harbor for the sunrise on New Year’s Day and found a lovely sunrise and friendly photographers.  It wasn’t until later that I discovered that I must have bumped the dial on the camera causing almost all my shots to be overexposed.  Operator error, I should have been checking the shots as I went.01-01-20safetyharborsunriseIn addition to the sunrise I was also hoping to see spoonbills while I was there.  And I did see them, three of them, flying in and landing on a sand bar out in the water.  And that was the last I saw of them, but I got my 10,000 steps in while walking the boardwalk looking for them.1-2-20pelican1-2-20safetyharborview1-2-20safetyharborbikesI also told my friend about the fun photo challenge I had joined with my group.  You select a ‘companion’ and use it in an iconic Florida photo, one a day for two weeks.  I took some practice shots that day even though we weren’t supposed to take them until the 2nd.  Frankie the Flamingo will make her way into a few more shots in the next couple of weeks I’m sure.  But because of the challenge I was sent to the art center for some photos.  And I was told that the park across from Starbucks holds a 100 year old live oak that was the center of local drama a while back.  Some wanted it to be removed, but the locals objected.  I guess I know who won.  These were taken before the 2nd so I can’t add them to the group album, but I can use them here.1-2-20safetyharborartcenter1-2-20safetyharborartcenter21-2-20safetyharborliveoak1-2-20safetyharbortree

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Airport sunset…

An airport isn’t the worst place to find yourself with time on your hands.  Especially when there is an observatory available, and you decide to wander to get your steps in and also see what the sunset brings.12-04airportsunset5

The observatory had angled windows which quickly became my obsession.  Until I looked up and saw that a plane was flying across the sun, but I didn’t have time to get that photo.  So I alternated between looking for the sunset reflections and waiting for planes to take off toward the sunset.  And there was a little bit of Christmas too! 12-04airportsunset412-04airportsunset312-04airportsunset212-04airportsunsettree

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Amusing myself…

It wasn’t the longest plane ride I’ve ever endured, but I didn’t feel like reading and was at loose ends.  Enter Waterlogue.  So I began to look for photos that seemed to me to be candidates for this app.  Not all that I tried looked great, and some that I thought were dubious did in fact turn out really good.  I told myself that one day when I hadn’t been out for photos for a while and didn’t have anything else to say I’d use them on the blog.  Maybe.  And here we are.  It’s been overcast and raining for days.  The photo shoot I’d signed on for has just been cancelled for the second time in three days.  I will be at a winery later on today so there is hope for me yet.  But for now this is the best I can do.IMG_0407IMG_0401IMG_0402IMG_0403IMG_0404IMG_0405Painted in WaterlogueI’m looking at these on the screen of the desktop right now and they don’t look nearly as good as they did on my phone.  Oops.