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Passing time…

I visited the rookery yesterday and found nest after nest of what appeared to be nearly full grown wood storks, mostly standing at attention.  Waiting for what I wonder, mom to feed them?  I love the expression on the face of the younger one in the feature photo,  I think they are still my favorite babies.   I think this egret mother takes her life in her hands when she shows up to feed her babies.   They tackle her, it doesn’t look pleasant, for mom at least.05-16-20egrets

The cattle egret babies are growing too.  Without an adult on the nest with them it took me a minute to realize which nest was theirs.  05-16-20cattleegretbabies2


A friend told me that the wood storks have taken over this rookery, it wasn’t always this way.  I lived in the area for 10 years before I ever knew that it was there, and now I have to wonder what happens at the end of the season.  I’ve been headed north by this time the last two years in a row, so I guess I flew the coop before they did.  Do they all just fly off one day?  I’ve stopped out of curiosity when it isn’t breeding season and there wasn’t a single bird around at all.  It would be fun to see all those big babies start flapping their wings and taking off, but so far I haven’t seen any practicing.  I’m just as bad.  I feel like flapping my wings and taking off too, but can’t seem to make a plan.

My old friend says that the secret to life is to never make a plan, then everything is always going according to plan.  I wonder how his life might have changed if he had  had a plan.  And my life looks nothing like I ever thought it might despite all the plans I made for myself over the years.  I feel like I should say something profound right about now, but I haven’t got a clue.  Just letting the days pass…


'scene' along the way, a second look, birds, finding my way, Florida wildlife, following the rules, friends, Just do it, nature, perseverance, photography

Florida Scrub-Jays…

How easy would it have been?  Two years ago when a friend was my chauffeur/tour guide to the more elusive birds of the greater Tampa Bay Area, why did I not appreciate the technology residing in my pocket and drop a pin to mark where we were when we found the Florida Scrub-Jays?  It was just an out of the way road with not much there but a few trees on one side of the road and power lines down the other.  We pulled over and waited, and he later said that he was beginning to think the birds wouldn’t come to investigate, and then there was one on the wire.  He was prepared with some nuts for them, and although I’d seen pictures of these birds landing on people’s heads and hands, I honestly didn’t expect to have that experience myself.  But I did.  And now I have a hankering to do it again, or maybe it’s just a desire to expand my little world beyond these four walls.  05-14-20scrubjay05-14-20scrubjay205-14-20scrubjayfeature05-14-20scrubjay305-14-20easternmeadowlarkThis last is an eastern Meadowlark I believe.  And these birding locations are kept on the down-low deliberately so the birds aren’t disturbed and their numbers will grow.  Of course I would be respectful if I got to see them again, if I’d only dropped a pin that day.

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Lake Lisa…

I decided that a walk was in order this morning, and John Chesnut park was going to be my destination.  My friend said that she couldn’t remember if shed been there before, and I reminded her that it could be called squirrel central.05-13-20squirrel

There are usually lots of birds to see, but instead I saw dragonflies, and a deer just off the path.05-13-20dragonfly205-13-20deer

But the red-winged blackbird was found at a pretty little park that I noticed on the way.  I must have driven past it quite a few times, but this time I took note of it and stopped to explore.  It’s close to home and will make a good choice for a walk the next time I’d like to get out of the house.  Or for the sunrise.  The sign said Lake Lisa, pretty place.05-13-20LakeLisa05-13-20LakeLisa05-13-20redwingedblackbird05-13-20lakelisaview05-13-20twducks05-13-20view205-13-20reflection

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An un-Tuesday…

Yesterday was an out-of-focus kind of day.  One of those days when you think you should just stay home and pull the covers over your head before you hurt yourself, or someone else.  The one on-top-of-things accomplishment of yesterday was that I remembered that the next day I was to take my once-a-week pill, the pill you are supposed to take a half hour before you eat anything, and the pill that after you take it you aren’t supposed to lay down.  A familiar issue for a lot of women my age, but new to me.  Each time it rolls around it seems like weeks since I took the last one.  And yes, I do have one of those weekly pill sorters, several of them in fact, but its been weeks since I loaded any of them.  So I made plans yesterday for how I would remind myself to take my pill in the morning, but by the time I went to bed last night I had forgotten to put the little box with the pills in it on top of the coffee maker.  But all of this came to mind this morning as I made coffee, and I was quite pleased with myself for remembering that it’s Tuesday, pill day, and I was right on schedule.  My phone disagreed however.  My phone informs me that its actually Wednesday.  So I’m not quite as on-top-of-things as I thought, but on the other hand, does it really matter?

05-13-20dragonfly05-13-20zebra05-13-20aripeka05-13-20bee2Old photos, also slightly out of focus…

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Home again…

If you grew up in my hometown with me then you recognize this place.  Fifty years ago I desperately wanted to get away from home, and when I met a nice guy who was in the Navy and would would ‘take me away,’ it was too much to resist.  But in the back of my mind I thought that I would somehow live there again some day, but I never did.  I had no idea how much I had blown up my life by leaving.  The friends and relatives that might have been part of my daily life weren’t there.  As I lived those days and years I didn’t think anything was missing, I was happy, it’s only now that I am looking back at it and wondering.  Because now that I am alone, and for almost the first time in my adult life, I see what I missed.  And I found I really needed to reconnect to those places and people from my past.  I needed to go back to square one, so to speak, in order to figure out where to go from here.

They say you can never go home again.  And in truth when I was out driving in my hometown with my old friend he would ask me if I recognized where I was, and I hardly ever did.  Places change.  But when it comes to DW Field’s Park it hasn’t changed a bit.  And that’s comforting to me.  And people?  They change too.  But some of them treasure their own memories of the past, and lucky for me I was part of their memories also.  This is the place I call up in my memory at the mention of the word home.  And I, for one, really can go home again.


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Check it out…

It’s not like I have nothing to do.  It’s more like I have too much to do.  So I bounce between my computer, my sewing machine, the camera, the TV, and round and round.  My camera club has been having almost daily photography classes, which have been great.  It would be a tease to not be able to get out to take new photos if not for the 34,000 photos sitting in my Lightroom library that I can bring up and edit according to whatever new tidbits I have picked up in the latest class.

These photos are from the first time I went to the photo walk at the Clearwater library with the group two years ago.  One of my first trips with the group.  At first I went to every photo walk that I could manage, as if it was going to be the one and only time that opportunity would ever exist.  And most of those photo ops involved a 100-mile round trip for me, so it was a relief to realize that the photo walks repeat every few weeks.  After that I paced myself a little better.  I’ve long appreciated how much joining this group brought to my life once I began to recover from losing my husband.  But it has never been as beneficial as it’s been during this suspension of life as we knew it.  The Florida Center for Creative Photography is the name of the group.  It’s a wonderful group of people and a terrific resource for learning more about photography.  If you also like photography you might like to check it out.04-16-20HDRlibrary204-16-20HDRlibrary.jpg