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Teton morning…

I slept like a baby my first night in Grand Teton National Park. I was toasty warm under three blankets, including my first night under my ‘quarantine quilt’. My favorite way to sleep is when you are nice and warm but breathing cold air, and it was chilly. I went out early and drove a little way north of the campground to the turn-offs along Jackson Lake. Of course the views are spectacular, but I found myself drawn to the details too. The wildflowers that line the roadway just about everywhere. The little bird at the marina, and the pelican who caught his breakfast and I totally didn’t realize it until I saw the pictures in the computer.

I investigated the laundry/shower facility and discovered that they have wifi and you can plug in your computer to to charge it. That was a happy discovery for me, so I did my laundry, took a shower, and caught up with Facebook. I find as I walk I’m out of breath immediately, and tiredness set in, so I’m writing this while sitting outside at the camper, using up the battery that remains. The breeze is lovely, and the sun on my back feels like a massage. I have to give myself permission to relax, so I’m going to sit in the sun in the zero-gravity recliner and read my book a while.07-07-07lake207-07-07Jacksonlake107-07-07flowers07-07-07flowers207-07-07pinkflowers07-07-07pelican

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This oasis is located just minutes from sunset beach.  If I wasn’t such a wimp I might have stuck around for sunset, but I didn’t, mostly because I know I will be back many more times in the future.  You see this oasis belongs to my son, his new-to-him house, where I spent the day yesterday eating my DIL’s great food and drinking bullfrogs.  And enjoying this wonderful backyard.06-15-20Mike'syard106-15-20Mike'syard206-15-20Mike'shottubbers06-15-20Mike'spetunia06-15-20Mike'spinkflower06-15-20Mike'stinypurpleflowers06-15-20Mikeorange06-15-20Mikepink206-15-20Mikeyellowflower

This house was owned by a landscaper, which of course shows.  My DIL’s challenge is to use the app she downloaded to look up what the plants are as they bloom, and what care is required.  My son may have thought that the lack of grass meant a no fuss backyard, but after taming the Mexican petunia yesterday he was planning to ice his back after I left.  The kids?  Well, it may be a race to the hammock…

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Another step forward…

Yesterday I managed to solve a problem that’s been plaguing me.  I didn’t so much as persevere until I solved it, I just eventually gave up and threw money at it. Charley would approve.  So with my laptop/external hard drive issues behind me I found myself in range of the Nature Coast Botanical Garden, and of course I stopped in.  A low-tech respite in what had been a frustrating day. There were beautiful flowers everywhere, but hardly a butterfly to go with them.  Or bees, I didn’t see bees either.


With this computer issue finally solved, a nice check mark on my to-do list, I decided to relax and watch some TV.  I know, I had just declared that I had OD’d on TV after so much binge watching.  Turns out I won’t be watching after all because the TV is deader than the proverbial doornail.  A victim of the wicked thunderstorm the night before maybe?  One step forward…

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This and that…

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have gone back to the botanical garden quite so soon, but my friends were going so I tagged along.  I thought I shot myself in the foot by only carrying my Lumix point and shoot camera.  So far I’ve only used it for night photography, which is what I bought it for.  But I was told it was good for macro too, so I was forcing myself to try it.  In the viewer I was seeing all the shots in black and white, to my horror, and I thought they were all blurry.  Turned out they were neither.


I have to say that the thing you can usually count on when you go shooting with Betty is that you are going to find photo ops, one way or another.

When I got this she got that, rinse and repeat.





Thanks to Betty for letting me use her photos to make my point.  We are definitely in our second childhood, but this time together!  And thank goodness I didn’t order a Barbie of my own.  I had no idea you had to be a contortionist to get the photos…

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Marching ants…

Excuse me for using a Photoshop/Lightroom term simply to amuse myself.  I didn’t notice the ants on that flower bud, my friend did.  But I did like how clearly the ants showed up in the viewer of my camera once I did see them.  I have no clue what they were doing, but they sure looked busy.

It poured on Tuesday morning, and the thought of rain drops on the flowers at the Nature Coast Botanical Gardens was what got me out the door as soon as the sun came out.  Raindrops, flowers, butterflies, and lizards were everywhere, perfect fodder for a couple of photographers who were getting antsy (pun intended) being stuck at home.


So I googled ants and bromeliads and you are going to have to trust me that the ants provide nutrients for the plants.  Or google it.  If you do then maybe you can explain it to me because it was way over my head…

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Also at the garden…

Of course there was more than just bees at the Botanical garden the other day, the bee was just the most fun for the photographer.  I also saw some unusual bird species that I hadn’t ever seen before.04-08-20swallowtailkite.jpg04-08-20bluebird3.jpg04-08-20bluebirdsortof.jpg04-08-20spoonbill.jpg

And of course pretty flowers…04-08-20pinkflower2.jpg04-08-20pinkflower.jpg04-08-203orangeflowers.jpg04-08-203flowers.jpg04-08-20pinky.jpg04-08-20redrose.jpg

And lizards.  Lots and lots of lizards.  Not that it takes a trip to the botanical garden to see them.  Nope, they are everywhere…04-08-203lizard.jpg