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Causeway sunrise…

A photographer friend announced that she was going to the Dunedin Causeway for the sunrise on Tuesday.  Not wanting to miss an opportunity to shoot with her I, of course, tagged along.  And I wasn’t the only one.  New friends and old friends also were there.  And we were lucky enough to be invited back to the beautiful home of one of the group, for a truly delicious omlet breakfast.  Mimosas may have been enjoyed also.  What a treat!  The shoot, and the wonderful breakfast visit with friends.11-5causewaykayaks11-5causewayview11-5causewayview211-5causewayview311-5causewayview4

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The Holy Donut

I know nothing at all about marketing, let me start there.  But back in 1990 I became possessed with buying a Ford Explorer, and later on I read that they aimed their marketing to women, so I must be susceptible.  As I drove to the Wild Duck Campground in Scarborough, ME my thoughts were on my fears of what would the road be like? Would I get myself into a situation where my lack of experience in towing a camper would get me stuck?  So I was lost in thought, sitting at a traffic light with only a mile to go, and I looked to my left and saw The Holy Donut on the corner.  I was instantly charmed.  I thought what a great name that was, and then the light turned green, but I vowed to check it out the next day.

Still charmed, I set out to try some the next morning, but it was only then that I noticed their real claim to fame.  They serve Maine potato donuts!  The main claim to uniqueness and I failed to pick up on it.  So on the spot I saw blog post potential, and that meant that I needed a scientific approach to this breakfast escapade, so I bought SIX donuts.  I mean I had to base a post on more than just one flavor, right?  What did I choose?  Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Coffee Cake, Sweet Potato, Triple Berry Holy Cannoli, Toasted Coconut, and Maine Blueberry.  No, I didn’t eat them all, couldn’t have eaten them all because they are bigger, and heavier, than your average donut.  I cut a wedge from each one to try each flavor, and the only one I didn’t like was the chocolate one.  I love chocolate so I don’t know why that was.  When I bought them I thought that I now had breakfast for the next couple of days, but I kept picking on them that day so I eventually threw out the rest of the box just to save myself.  I have zero will power, at least to sweet treats.  Over the two weeks I was at the campground I also tried Lemon, Vanilla, and the best ever, Blueberry Lemon!  I thought that was so good that I said to myself that I would have that every day for the rest of my stay.  Only it turned out that was the last day of that specialty flavor.  I was so disappointed!  What new flavor was the replacement?  Maine Apple!  Be still my heart.  I could have stayed longer in that beautiful part of Maine, but maybe it’s a good thing that I have moved on, for my waistline at least. secondtryHolydonutsignage2HolydonutbackdoorHolydonutflavorsHolydonutsignageHolydonutvarietiesI came to realize that the van delivers fresh donuts to various local businesses, so you don’t have to go to the store itself.  But then you would miss all the accessories you might choose to buy!


The Holy Donut!  Whoever came up with the marketing for this place is a genius!Holydonutenjoy

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Red’s Eats…

This week in Boothbay, Maine has been such success.  My first campground where I was truly on my own, didn’t know a soul, and it was fine.  And yes, I met people, and I had fun.  And I took pictures, boy, did I ever take pictures.  So this is silly, and I want to post it while it’s current, but I have so many more photos to get through that this is an extra post.  Did I say it was silly?  I meant tragic.  Tragic because I will never eat another lobster roll again.  Kind of like me and crab cakes, if I can’t have Charley’s crab cakes, or at least one from a favorite place in Baltimore, then I won’t have them.  I have now had a lobster roll from Red’s Eats, in Wiscasset, Maine, and never will another lobster roll ever come close to being as good as this one was.  So this was it.  I heard about this place before I got here.  Not by name, just that there was a great place to get a lobster roll nearby, so when I drove past this place and saw the line down the hill and around the corner I figured I’d found the place.  I drove past on several different days and it was always the same.  So I can’t tell you how disappointing it was to have finished the lobster roll, all the while anticipating taking a picture of the place, and the line, but at about 4:15 when we had finished and I stopped to take a picture there was hardly a line!  I didn’t think that ever happened.  So you aren’t getting the full effect.  When I stopped yesterday the line was down and around the corner, but I expected that.  We were in line for an hour easy. We being the lady in line front of me, my new friend Carol. Staff came around and offered water, and umbrellas (for the sun), so they are prepared to keep the patrons happy.  The regulars in line kept insisting that it was worth it, and they weren’t kidding.  There had to be more than one lobster’s worth of meat in each one.  I heard there was a pound of meat in them.  Served with a cup of melted butter.  We three, me, Carol and her husband, all agreed.  so very good.  Too good.  It’s tragic…


Across the street were several places serving lobster rolls, with a waterfront location, and no line.  And yet we all waited, happily.  I wanted to go back today also, but I was still full from yesterday…wiscassetfeaturewiscassetscenewiscassetscene3

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Pickity Place…


Yes, it’s in the middle of nowhere, also known as Mason, NH.  The GPS had us winding our way through the woods until you had to wonder if this could possibly be right.  And then there it was, Pickity Place.  Several little weathered red buildings set in lovely gardens.  Herb gardens, flower gardens, and vegetable gardens.  The vegetables weren’t the only edibles to make it onto our lunch plates either, every one of the courses that made up our 5 course lunch was garnished with edible flowers.  I confess that they were prettier than they were tasty.  The flowers I mean, the food was delicious.

You can’t just drop in on this place, reservations for the seatings are required in advance.  While you are waiting for the bell to signal that it’s time to be seated you can wander in the gardens, or shop in the gift shops.  Or if you haven’t done it on line already you might peruse the menu for the day and choose which of the two entrees might tickle your fancy.  The menu changes monthly, and I thought September’s offerings looked tempting also.  What a nice way to spend the day with my oldest and dearest friend, and to make two new friends also…



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Hitting the jackpot…

The Jackpot being all the photos ops that could possibly be crammed into one 24 hour period.  Or maybe it’s the jackpot of having your lifelong friend be the one person who would be willing to pull the car off to the side of the road to capture, or try to capture, the scene that has caught your eye.  What a treasure it is to have someone in your life who has been your best friend since childhood.  Somehow our interests, and also our worries, have always been compatible.  We haven’t lived in the same state since we graduated from college together, but that hasn’t mattered a bit.  And we are now finding our way alone in life, but together.  Yes, I certainly hit that jackpot.

But this particular jackpot took place at the Quechee Balloon Festival on Sunday morning.  We actually went on Saturday, almost all of the photos we took were on Saturday, and it was a perfect day from the cardinal we saw as we started our day (a husband or two stopping by to cheer us on?), the glorious lunch we got at Simon Pearce (gazpacho soup and a fabulous quiche, two grown up ladies such as we may have pictured ourselves years ago when we were little girls together), and the lovely day with blue skies sandwiched between days of rain in the weather forecast.  Yes, all was going well, and then the clouds got heavier and the winds came up, and we started fearing the balloons wouldn’t go off at 6PM.  Which is about when I realized I didn’t have my phone.  I lose things often, but not usually my phone, which currently is my lifeline for  this adventure I’m on.  We gave up on looking, left info to reach us, and went back to the campground with a damper now weighing down the entire day.  Only they did call!  They had my phone!  We decided to wait until sunrise to go back to Quechee and got my phone, and also saw the balloons launch!  Every good story needs some drama, and this was no exception.  We made it back to the campground in time for the wonderful Father’s Day breakfast the owners put on for everyone.

Quechee has a covered bridge, we’ve taken pictures of it before, but it was the kids under the bridge that I hadn’t ever seen before.  Jumping off the cliffs (sort of) and into the water.  Do they really know that there are no rocks hidden under the water?  It was nerve wracking to watch, but of course we took pictures.  These aren’t as clear as I wish they have been but they do show the scene.06_15_19bridge06_15_19the whole scene06_15_19upriverview06_15_19quecheejumper106_15_19quecheejumper206_15_19quecheejumper3

But it was the balloons we came for, the third time I had come to a balloon launch and the sixth time for my friend, but we saw the balloons for the first time together.


Quite an eventful 24 hour visit.  Can’t wait for the next one…

'scene' along the way, a second look, food, friends, fun, nature, on closer examination, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel

A walk in the park…

Something about our inability to take a nice picture of the state house in Concord the other day had us back there yesterday.  Early, not sunrise early, but early enough that the golden dome was in the sunlight rather than shadow.  And on a holiday when there wouldn’t be parked cars and lots of people annoying you by just going about their business.  Of course festivities were planned for the day so we moved on to a couple of local parks to walk and see what we could see.  I think it all was just an excuse to go out for a huge breakfast at the Newel Post.  It was great, but it put me in a stupor for the rest of the day.  Note to self; more walking, less eating…05-27-19Statehouse05-27-19bicentennial05-27-19red-wing205-27-19whiteflowers05-27-19starflower05-27-19spider05-27-19whitepark