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Concord, NH

The golden dome on the New Hampshire state house is visible as you pass Concord from the highway, looking like the perfect photo op.  I’d never stopped in Concord before, but last night Kathy had a favorite shop she wanted to visit so off we went.  But, sadly, I’ve decided that sunset isn’t the best time to be in Concord and wanting to see that dome in all it’s glory.  Nope, the sunset was behind the State House.  Sunrise would be perfect since the dome would be lit from the front and, I’m making an assumption here, there wouldn’t be parked cars to try to avoid in your shots.  But despite the challenges we still had fun roaming to see what we could find to photograph.  First the State House building…05-23-19concord805-23-19concord405-23-19concord2Then the library with the beautiful sky behind it…05-23-19concordAnd the iPhone only referred to this as the civic district, with it’s memorial garden…05-23-19concord7This Catholic Church has been converted to condos.  We saw the spires and had to walk to seek out what they belonged to.05-23-19concord10I really didn’t have to go to Concord to find lilacs in their full glory, but these were wonderful and I buried my face in them for a minute, or two…05-23-19concord9And Kathy found a friend…05-23-19concord6


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Turning the page…

I’m not in Kansas anymore.  Florida either.  Lots of you, probably the majority of you, may look out your windows to a view like this.  But not me, not in Florida or Maryland either.  And I do spend a lot of time enjoying the beauty around me in Florida, but this scenery is just amazing to me.  A simple drive to run an errand and I’m looking at lovely vistas all around me.  It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday.  Just seeing the sun was a treat after the rain that’s been following me around.  Starting the day talking with a friend over coffee, and then winding down the day with cribbage on the porch, plus a glass of wine, is very special.   As is this friendship, which began so long ago that it’s just always been there.  Long ago we talked of the future and anticipated the life that was waiting for us.  And now here we are, our stories have been written.  We’ve turned the page and are now facing challenges that we never thought of when we were young, but we are facing them together…05-20-19websterlakeview05-20-19websterlakeview205-20-19websterlakeview305-20-19websterlakeview405-20-19NH405-20-19NH505-20-19NH605-20-19websterlakecemetery05-20-19websterlakecemetery205-20-19websterlakechipmunk

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Prom season…

I wish I’d gone to the two proms I just went to in the opposite order, because I learned a few things this last Saturday.  My friend’s granddaughter had arranged to have photos taken as a group with some of her friends, and that sounded like fun.  My friend had informed me that I was invited to take photos at this event also.  But at the last minute we discovered that one of the families had hired a professional photographer to do the shoot, and it was mentioned that he’d have equipment, meaning lights and such.  This news had me wondering if we’d be welcome to take our own photos, and I was immediately intimidated, but off we went to a nearby mansion where the photos would be taken on the grounds.

I needn’t have worried.  The photographer showed up in his shorts, with just his hand held camera, and immediately began to banter with the kids and loosen them up.  It was determined that they were a group of friends with only one couple among them, and he began marching them around the grounds of this old mansion and posing them with lots of humor.  I found his choices of backgrounds to be interesting, and there were lots of shots where he had them all posed but looking to the side at him, so I couldn’t get his same angle and I’m looking forward to seeing his shots.  Of course we were all taking photos at the same time, and he’d tell the kids to just look at him, and after his shots he’d tell them to stay put to give us all a chance at it.  It was such fun.

And this tiny little NH town goes the extra mile for these kids. They were all assembled   at a back parking lot at the venue where they were all having dinner and the prom itself, and they were announced by name, and then each couple or group of friends, would come walking down the driveway approach to cheers from what appeared to be the entire town.  What a fun tradition.  But while we were all waiting for the main event what did we hear but an ice cream truck!  Soon I saw little kids with ice cream and I was thinking that it was terrible to have that distraction when the event we were all waiting for would begin in just a few minutes.  But as the truck came into view I realized that these were prom goers manning the truck, and tossing ice cream into the crowd!  What an entrance!  A little slice of small town living in NH…

05-19-Kin'sprom05-19-Kin'sprom205-19-Kin'sprom305-19-Kin'sprom405-19-Kin'sprom505-19-Kin'sprom605-19-Kin'sprom705-19-Kin'sprom805-19-Kin'sprom905-19-Kin'sprom1005-19-Kin'sprom1105-19-Kin'sprom1205-19-Kin'sprom1305-19-Kin'sprom1405-19-Kin'sprom1505-19-Kin'sprom16And here you have the soon to be crowned Prince and Princess of the prom!

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A little advice…

I have decided that it’s not a good idea to stand at the kitchen window here in my friend’s house in NH for fear that I’ll find myself heading out the door to take pictures. It was a blue jay on the bird feeder who got me out the door, and the sound of the nearby Blackwater river took care of the rest. I also found some neighbors I hadn’t met yet also. The bird feeders in the backyard were visited by a bear a few nights ago. Now that would have been a photo op…60984D68-C2A7-4184-AADF-82C74A5D070061DD5B14-DA9F-4739-8F19-03D1814E5ADDEB6801FC-8B88-472B-9130-4E42EE02C4A4ADF2FA81-C579-4CB6-901A-AE42EB9CB80C

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On the road…

Wednesday was my first real travel day, and I employed my new rule for myself right from go.  I didn’t leave in the wee small hours of the morning, a decision made easy since there were people there to say good morning and good-bye to.  And to thank also!  Plus my drive from Charleston, SC to York, PA was going to put me in the DC area at a horrible time from the point of view of traffic no matter when I left.  So the goal was to avoid the fog and drive in the daylight, and when I looked at the GPS there was an alternative route that avoided the DC/Baltimore area all together, so I took it!  And yes, it was scenic, but there were only two lanes, and trucks with issues going up and down the hills.  So the drive was pretty but more work than cruising along on 95.  By the time I’d been on the road for 9 hours and still had three more to go I wondered if the whole thing had been that great of an idea.  But all in all I think it was.

And stopping at the rest stops has proved to be a brilliant idea, I wish I could remember who to thank for that heads up.  As I crossed into NC in the Charlotte area and stopped at the rest stop there I found a kindred spirit, a wanna-be camper.  Except her history involves driving trailers loaded with horses or cows, so she is way ahead of me in the towing department.  She told me that since working at the rest stop she has noticed a big increase in women who are camping on their own.  So maybe I’m not nuts, or else I have a lot of company.  She said that she met the most interesting woman ever through her job.  This woman came into the rest stop and was distressed that she had come through a tunnel in her travels and damaged the satellite on the roof of her vehicle.  She was a German lady and had had her vehicle made for her there.  My new friend said that it was a Mercedes camper, but looked like a taller version of a Hummer.  She had the thought that no one would ever bother her in this vehicle because it looked like an assault vehicle, LOL.  My friend told her that she knew someone, who knew someone, who might be able to help her, and she sent her over to see him.  She promised to check on her after work, and if she had to leave the vehicle overnight she wanted this woman to stay with her, a thought that upset her son no end.  “Mom,” he said, “you don’t know this woman.”  She thought that was funny.  At any rate this lady had camped in that vehicle in Europe, in Iran in the desert, and all through South America.  I guess she was on her North American leg of her journey at that point.  When my new friend checked after work the woman and the repairman and family were all having dinner together.  He had ordered the part for her and she’d be on her way the next day, plus he had the camper all hooked up for her to spend the night in it.  A very unique camper for sure, and far more adventurous than I will ever be.

And now I have met the most interesting woman ever, and I don’t mean the German lady, but the woman I met by chance by stopping at that particular welcome center on that particular day.  She is a two-time breast cancer survivor who followed her beloved doctor to Boston, to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where she was treated after he had moved his practice there. After beating cancer twice she was invited to participate in a bike ride to raise money for the cancer center, a ride from Boston to Provincetown on Cape Cod.  To participate you had to raise money by having sponsors, and she told her friends who sponsored her that if she didn’t finish she would reimburse them their money, but once she had raised $20,000 she decided that she’d damned well better finish the ride.  So she rented a cottage on Cape Cod, hired a trainer, and got serious about getting herself ready.  She connected with a bike shop owner who ordered her a lightweight  bike frame that you could lift with one finger.  He told her she’d never make it on the bike she had brought with her.  The upshot of all this is that yes, she finished the ride, and so did her doctor.  They were the only two from their entire group who did finish.  A news crew followed her for 4 weeks as she trained, which was a condition of her participation also, so that her story might inspire other women as they deal with their own challenges with this horrible disease.  A most interesting and inspiring woman indeed.

And it was uplifting to hear the praises of the treatment available at Dana-Farber on the very day that my favorite old friend from my favorite old neighborhood was receiving treatment there even as we were talking.  I never know what my day will bring, and most are good days, but some are better than others.05-08-19azaleafeature

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John’s Pass…

This photo from the FCCP photo walk last night just might be one of the least colorful one’s that I took, but I found the story behind it to be pretty unique.  We were enjoying being on the boardwalk and the bird’s eye view of the fishing boats that were at anchor, and the fishermen cleaning their fish.  They were being supervised by pelicans, snowy egrets, black crowned night hawks, blue herons, and white egrets, all waiting for scraps from their work.  Not having been there before it was hard to decide where to look first, the cute little shops, the scenery in general, or walk to the beach where the sunset would be happening soon.  One of the other photographers mentioned that when he comes to John’s Pass he always goes down an alley to a little building that has a sign about tarot reading.  I thought he was pointing out a place to eat, but he was talking about the birds, on the roof, on the wires, and on the neighboring buildings.  When we found this place later on the number of birds had dwindled and the owner of the business was hosing down the sidewalk out front.  She said that the birds come to her because of the rescue.  She told us that about 12 years ago a blue heron showed up with a fishing line attached to him, and she liberated him.  Soon another bird came to be rescued, and another, as if they were telling each other where to go when they got caught in the fishing gear.  And so it’s been going for all these years.  Just one little slice of what we saw last night.  After getting home late and having so many photos to go through this is the best I can do for now.  We had hardly gotten out of the car when we arrived and my friend was already declaring that she wanted to come back.  I think that’s a great idea!4-24-19johnspass34-24-19fromtheboardwalknightheron4-24-19john'spasssnowyegret