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Signs of Baltimore…

There is nothing that says Baltimore to me more than the Domino Sugar sign that used to stand by itself in the skyline.  The Domino Sugar factory sits toward the end of a peninsula known as Locust Point, which juts into the Baltimore harbor and culminates in the Fort McHenry National Park.  ‘The Point’ was also home to Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, something called Indiana Grain, and other manufacturing plants, due to it’s rail and shipping access.  Baltimore was a blue collar town that has undergone gentrification, as is the case for many East Coast cities.  The main street of the Point area is Fort Avenue, and that’s where our dental office was located, and where we spent 26 years working and enjoying the people of the neighborhood.  The immediate area was surrounded by streets of modest rowhouses, built in the 1880s, that housed generations of people who worked in the neighborhood businesses.  It was the city, and I was leery when Charley wanted to practice there, but he raved about the area, and everything he said about it proved to be true.  There was a corner store across from the office, and when I was in that store I found myself amazed that the other people there were greeting each other by name and asking about each other’s families. I soon concluded that this neighborhood had a lot in common with Mayberry.  The last three years we worked there we also lived upstairs from the office, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed walking out the front door onto a busy city street.  To me it was unique, if I hadn’t lived there I would never had imagined how much of a neighborhood could exist in a big city.

But even as we started our practice the old timers were lamenting how much the neighborhood was changing as new people came in and fixed up.  That should have been good news to a business owner, but Charley saw himself as on old-school ‘Baltimoron’, and those old timers were the people he was there to treat.  It was a good life.

I said that the Domino Sugar sign stood along in the sky, and it did.  But most of the old businesses are gone now, replaced by more lucrative condos and townhouses.  Maybe at a different angle the Domino sign would stand out more, and of course it does when it’s lit at night, but I thought it looked a little sad and lost in the new buildings that now surround it in this picture….  

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Where am I?

I see that there are some new people who have found this blog in the last couple of weeks, and I thought I ought to explain that the ‘nature coast’ in the title of the blog refers to the several counties along the Gulf coast of Florida just above Tampa Bay.  And, obviously, that’s not where I am at the moment.  This blog came about a year ago due to a coincidence of a class I took and a new camera I had just purchased, not really out of a need to share any profound thoughts or with an agenda of any kind.  I had settled into a comfortable routine in my widowhood, and felt almost smug as I spent my evenings alone at home doing whatever I wanted to do.  And I went on like that for quite a while, until I started needing people again.  My people, my ‘home’, New England, where I grew up and never failed to feel like I belonged when I visited.  People, old friends, family, grandchildren, I needed them all.  So I have thrown caution to the wind and left my little part-time job, and my snug little Florida house, and even the new friends I was just beginning to make, to take a road trip.  And I will stay until my heart, which had felt so empty, has filled back up.  Or until they all get sick of me…7-5church7-5farm7-5shack7-5shack27-5shack37-5townhall

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Hydrangeas and Day Lilies…

They go together here on Cape Cod.  I have been here in the summer when it seemed that all the yards were full of the most gorgeous hydrangeas, with beautiful color that seemed to glow.  And why they team so well with the Day Lilies that stand up tall above their greenery escapes me.  They just do.  And when you add a stone wall my heart goes pitter pat.  This time there are occasional hydrangeas in bloom but they haven’t developed their full color.  And the Day Lily stalks are standing tall, I’ve been expecting them to bloom any second.  Soon the Cape will be in full glorious bloom, but not so far…



And then we have more from Hyannis and my wanderings…6-28cupola6-28federatedchurch6-28oldestchurch6-28dingy6-28birdie

'scene' along the way, a second look, finding my way, home, memories, photography, travel

Home again…

There is a certain freedom in being on the road, traveling at will.  I have always harbored a theory that I would be footloose and fancy-free while traveling.  But the reality is always that I rush from place to place and never do all that I wanted to do, or see all the people I want to see.  Until this trip.  This time I have more time to spend than money, but since my goal was to visit with people and see the familiar sights of home it’s a perfect visit.  And because of that I have more sense of being ‘home’ than I have for a long time.  Maybe it’s the old friends that were lost and now found.  And finding out that the treasured memories of my childhood are shared by the ‘kids’ I who populated the neighborhood with me.  It’s a validation of sorts.  I love the weathered shingles, the flowering shrubs, it’s not fancy, but it’s home…6-2pinkhouseIf there was a for rent sign in front of this tiny house I would have been tempted to snap it up and to stay a while…

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Barnstable Harbor…

I was supposed to be heading to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod last night, but sat and talked a little extra long, (don’t say it), so I opted for Barnstable Harbor so that I’d have more time.  I parked in a residents only area, but a very nice older couple said that that rule only applies when the life guard was there.  I asked if that meant that I had their permission to stay and take pictures and they said yes.  It made me feel better to have someone’s permission.  I’m still a slave to ‘the rules’… mostly.6-21boat6-21chair6-21grassesSingle photo enhanced with easyHDR 3.12.0: IMG_3845.jpg6-21sunsetHDR6-21sunsetHDR2

It takes a special talent to take this picture.  I love when there is a surprise waiting for me when I upload photos into the computer…6-21oops!

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Hit the road…

So a road trip was in order.  Why not, what was stopping me?  Well, there was the credit card that was coming in the mail since my post-church stop for gas resulted in my credit card being hacked.  How’s that for karma?  The bank shut my account down within a day, and it’s all ‘fixed’, but without even a hint of an attempt to discover who, or how, it happened.  Never pay at the pump was the take away from that conversation, walk into the station and pay, preferably using the chip.  Or cash.  I never have cash, and that would solve the gas station problem, but somehow cash seems less safe to carry around.  Did having a husband make these sorts of issues less of a threat?  Not really, but there was the illusion of being somehow protected.  Is it any wonder why I never ponder the larger issues of life when these every day issues can blow my mind?  Send me back under the covers to wait for something to change?   

And which road, for the road trip I mean?  Did you ever read ‘Blue Highways’, by William Least Heat Moon?  Wonderful book that instilled a wanderlust in me that’s been sitting on the back burner for years now.  Should I get on 95 and drive north at 70 mph, stopping only for the bare necessities?  Or should I travel the ‘blue highways’ on the map, stopping for photo ops, talking with strangers, hearing their stories?  I’m an excellent practitioner of the ‘rosy-glasses’ philosophy of life.  I have never been any good at anticipating the not-so-perfect consequences of any choice I’ve ever made.  So with that as my history I suppose it’s hopeless to expect myself to change at this late date.  And honestly, do I have many regrets over the choices I’ve made in my life?  No, things have turned out well enough for me, in spite of myself…6-12bluehighway