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Hedging my bets…

“How long do you stay after the sunset?” asked my friend.  She commonly posts spectacular pictures of a sky full of color, taken from Safety Harbor, an hour south of me.  A mile from her house I might add.  She assured me that the sky after a thunderstorm is prime timing for a great sky.

So I saw this and headed out, but not south since the storm was heading that way.  I hedged my bets and headed to Hudson Beach where I could shoot from the covered pavilion if necessary.  It was.611-20badcloud

I made it under cover just in time for the skies to open, and I quickly discovered that the upper part of the covered pavilion was no cover at all, and descended to the bottom level and started shooting.  Looking at my pictures I thought my lens was dirty, and then I realized that it was the drops cascading off the roof that I was seeing in my shots. 06-12-20HDRHudson06-12-20boats

The fishing boats headed out despite the storm.  There was thunder and lightning, but behind me.  I couldn’t help but wish to see lightning out on the water.  And I began to have no faith that the sky would light up because wooly looking dark clouds were descending, and I got drenched getting to the car.  To leave you have to drive around a loop, and as I did I thought I saw the clouds breaking up so I continued around and parked again and took these shots with the iPhone, in the rain.06-12-20iphoneafter06-12-20iphoneafter2

I tried to leave, I really did, I drove around that loop two more times, but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave.  I stopped once more, for one more photo and then I headed home…06-12-20iphoneafter3

'scene' along the way, a second look, Florida landmarks, Hudson Beach, moments, nature, perseverance, photography, sky, sunset

The next best thing…

The next best choice from the point of view of not having to travel for the sunset, is Hudson Beach.  Probably 3 miles up Rt. 19.  And it has the advantage of a couple of different angles to bring elements into your photos.  And If I wanted to I could sit at Sam’s Beach Bar and take my pictures while I have a beer.  What more could I want?02-10-20HBsunset502-10-20HBsunset402-10-20HBsunset302-10-20HBsunset202-10-20HBsunset1

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On the lookout…

This osprey was sitting on this post when I got to Hudson Beach the other night, and as I drove away I looked for him and he was still there.  He was a distraction because I wasn’t exactly early and I had several spots I wanted to stand for sunset photos.  I hadn’t counted on him as a distraction.  I’ve been too lazy to use the tripod lately, but in low light the shutter speed is long enough that you’ll get camera shake without a tripod.  I was probably a good thing that I already had the camera on the tripod when I spotted him.

Then yesterday I had a pop up on Facebook, and ad for a new Photoshop program that makes eliminating background distractions look like a piece of cake.  I saw the ad first and then opened the pictures of this guy and here I had  photos that needed that program.  Or that feature, but I know you can do that same thing with the software I already have, and learning to take better advantage of the programs is something I keep meaning to do in my spare time?  Why does it feel like I don’t have any spare time when all my time is ‘spare’?9-30Hudsonbeachosprey29-30Hudsonbeachsunset49-30Hudsonbeachsunset5And a couple of shots from the phone.  I sometimes forget to check the iPhone to see what those photos look like, and forgetting to even pull the phone out and take a few shots while I’m out.  But I have the newest phone now, the iPhone 11 pro max, and it takes an extra wide angle shot, so there is the novelty factor.  I think I like it.

'scene' along the way, Hudson Beach, moments, nature, perseverance, photography, sunset, technology

Just in time…

I had to stop for gas, it was a must.  And because my account was once hacked at a gas station I always walk in and pay with the chip.  But the clerk was apologizing because she had been attempting to get rid of an ‘inappropriate’ song on her phone, and dropped it onto the computer, so the guy in front of me was in an endless loop of ‘insert the chip/swipe the card’.  And I was already later than I meant to be.  The sunrise waits for no one, but lucky for me it’s only 4 1/2 miles away now, so I made it.  Seems like I was just in time.03-25-19Hudsonbeachsunstboats03-25-19Hudsonbeachsunsetcanal203-25-19Hudsonbeachsunsetcanal03-25-19Hudsonbeachsunset203-25-19Hudsonbeachhouses303-25-19Hudsonbeachhouses203-25-19Hudsonbeachhouses

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The “afterlife”, sort of…

I was messaging with my daughter in PA yesterday and I referred to ‘our recent cold spell’ here in FL.  She found that thought to be hilarious, but I told her that the struggle was real.  The fact that I was too cold had me hunkered down in place for a couple of days, not making much progress with the move.  But I shut down my yard sale at about 2:30 and ventured down the road to see if I could accomplish some unpacking/organizing there.  And I purposely left in time in time to stop at what now will be my closest sunset location, Hudson Beach.  Which comes complete with a beach bar, which just might become my new favorite place for a bite to eat, once I move, and once I get back to FL.  The sky was full of dark clouds, with a break in just the right place for some color.  And a very nice conversation with another photographer.  Life will go on…


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Hudson Beach plus eagles…

I got off work at 11 AM, walked the dogs, investigated the crane noises out back and took lots of pictures, and then thought, what next?  Well, I said to myself, you haven’t checked on the eagles lately.  So off I went.

I arrived a little after 4 PM, and found Mom, or Dad, on the nest, and I hoped that they would switch off soon.  In no time I saw the other eagle fly into the area and I zoomed in on the nest in anticipation of him landing there.  And I waited, and waited.  Even the on-duty parent got tired of waiting and started yelling.  Then she/he flew off the nest.  And still I waited, focused on the nest, hoping a chick would pop it’s head up.  That didn’t happen, but I swear I heard peeping, but can’t say that it came from the nest.  Eventually, not too long really, parent #2 landed on the nest and started tending something, a baby?  Just general housekeeping?  I decided that this was Mom because she apparently decided that a small branch above the nest had to go, and she spent quite a while working on accomplishing that.  1-16calling copy1-16momtakesover copy1-16momtakesover2 copy1-16momtakesover3 copy1-16momtakesover4 copyAnd again, I thought what next?  Sunset wasn’t for over an hour at that point, so I decided to go to Hudson Beach for the sunset, killing some time and putting me a lot closer to home.  I put the new wide-angle lens on for the sunset pictures.  Practice, practice, practice, yet again.1-16hudsonsunset copy.jpgAnd from the iPhone, one more…1-16hudsonsunset2.jpg