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Sunrise, by the skin of my teeth….

I really ought to plan my photo trips a little better, but somehow they do seem to work out, one way or another. So maybe flying by the seat of my pants isn’t all bad. But looking up the travel time to Safety Harbor at 5 AM (30 minutes), and expecting it to be the same if I left at 6 AM, wasn’t my smartest move. I had less than 5 minutes until the sun peeked above the horizon this morning, I made it, but barely. Another photographer informed me that I had missed a beautiful moon set though. I have the app (PhotoPills) to let me be more aware of these photo ops, but I still haven’t learned to use it. Sigh. And still another photographer chose to inform me that I should get rid of my lens and buy the one that he had. I think this is the first time I’ve run into someone like that, photographers are generally a really nice group of people. I’m sticking with my lens, it’s the person behind the camera who leaves a bit to be desired sometimes.

LensBall gives you a different perspective, especially when the views are limited…

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Spending time, not money…

I narrowed my choices for the day into cleaning out the inside of the car, or go to the zoo. I told myself that going to the zoo was my ‘saintlier’ choice since I’d be taking advantage of my pay-for-a day and visit for a year pass. It’s only a deal if you use it.

This little one was all by himself on the little waterway between the monkey enclosures. I loved the ripple he made as he frantically swam upstream, and had just wondered where his mother was when a posse of ducklings came into view.
This looked like a scene from a movie to me.
Something big must have been going on since there were all these guys in tuxes standing around.
Meet and greet with the Galapagos tortoises.
A possible bad hair day.
If you walked down to the viewing area you can get a picture of a rhino’s eye. From up above you can see just how close you can be to them. Judging by size this is the ‘baby’ white rhino.
I love how well they have landscaped around the primate/monkey sections.
I guess it’s that time of year since the planting areas had lots of new plants set in place, waiting to be planted. It will be pretty.
You can wear your heart on your sleeve but this guy wears his on his nose.
This house sparrow hangs out with elephants.

Another day gotten through. There is no goal in mind exactly, just to get through this whole, strange, time we find ourselves in. I’ve been wondering if we’ll know when it’s over, or will it just fade into a new way of living…

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Back to The B…

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a poem read to me on Valentine’s Day before, especially while standing in a jungle, or so it appeared to my friend on FaceTime. That was the highpoint of the day, because the skies didn’t clear up, in fact it was raining when I pulled into the parking lot at Circle B Bar Reserve. I was on my way about 5 minutes after the thought crossed my mind to go this morning. Our weather doesn’t look great for the next few days and I was still hankering for that really terrific painted bunting photo. I needn’t have bothered though, seems the buntings haven’t been seen in a day or two so they may have moved on. And while it didn’t rain while I was there the sky stayed overcast. But I got myself out the door for a little while, and then it rained all the way home. And the days pass…

That tree full of vultures would make a nice Halloween scene.
Love the live oaks and Spanish moss.
A gray catbird perched for a photo.
Or two.
Or three.
Mrs. Cardinal visited off in the distance.
And so did the Mr.
I’m told that this is this owl’s favorite perch, and even after he was pointed out to me it look me quite a while to spot him. He was looking out towards the water and never turned around, but I hadn’t seen owls on my last few visits so I’m happy.
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If only…

If only the goal had been to see great blue herons, then our trip to Circle B Bar Reserve would have been a roaring success. Or actually if we’d wanted to see anything except painted buntings. They are migrating through right now, judging by the gorgeous pictures posted online, and that was our reason for heading there yesterday. And yes, we saw them, but only at the end of our day of hiking, in the heat. while lugging all our equipment. Someone with binoculars pointed them out, off in the distance, and requiring you to shoot into the sun. We took his word for it and started shooting, but it wasn’t until I got home and did a huge amount of work on these pictures that I could see that yes, they were painted buntings. Not at all the pictures I’d hoped to get, and I’m posting them even though they are awful, but they may be the only painted buntings I ever see. I’m hoping to go back and try again before they move on.

The feature photo is a female painted bunting, with is my feature photo. She was in a better spot and the first bird I saw while I was waiting to meet with my friends. She was very bright green when she flitted into the sun. The first time I saw a picture of a male painted bunting I thought it looked like a little kid had dumped out his box of crayons and colored in a bird with a little of every one. It didn’t look real to me. Yes, I need to go back and try again.

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Favorite places…

You may have noticed that I love to go to Hudson Beach for the sunset fairly often. And I frequently start my photo session with a shot of the houses across the inlet, because they usually are lit up by the setting sun’s rays when I arrive. Last night nothing was being lit up by the sun’s rays, the rays were barely able to shine through the thin spots in the overhead clouds. But I was grateful for at least that much color on this sunset trip. And with a less than spectacular sunset my lens ball attracted some attention from other sky watchers. Several people took pictures through the lens ball, and they were enthused with it once they figured out what the view actually was. Nice night, but I’ll have to return soon and hope for a nicer sky.

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Float away with me…

Float away with me to a magical world…

Where down maybe be up, and up may be down, and blue bottles grow on trees…

To a place where seashells aren’t always found by the sea.

You might wave to your neighbors as you float by.

Where tiny bees buzz…

And ladies don’t always wear the colors you might expect.

Float away, it’s time to play…

Leave your worries for another day…