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Serius, seriously…

It seems like I’ve been on the cusp of heading north again for a very long time now. One box at a time, packed in one house and unloaded and put away at the other. Probably not the most efficient way to do things but it has cut down on the number of boxes I’ve needed.  It has seemed endless, but we are nearly ready to go, and it’s only six months since last time.  It had been two years before that and I was so homesick.  It was a wonderful visit, which explains why I turned my life upside down and decided to become a snowbird, with the mother of all road trips ahead of me.

My only complaint about that last trip was my frustration with the radio.  I’ve never bought music in any form, the radio was fine with me.  But on that trip I had a hard time finding a radio station, and I’d lose the station in no time flat.  And Ozzie isn’t much of a conversationalist so it was annoying.  Even after I got home it seemed like the stations I listen to play a little music (always the same play list) between obnoxious car commercials (“It’s HUGE”), and competing clinics that treat erectile disfunction.  But frustration with the radio is a thing of the past for me because I now have Serius XM radio, something I’d never been interested in before.  And it came complete with a nice comfy car, with lots of room for Ozzie and me, plus all the stuff we would like to tote with us.  Like cameras and dog toys.  I’m not great at traveling light, and Ozzie, well, he IS the elephant in the room, so more room for him.  I knew what car I wanted, but I was ‘just looking’ when I went into the dealership to see what they had.  Not the first dealership I’d been in to either, but somehow they shoo’d me out the door, sending me home with the new car and called it an ‘extended test drive’.  “Drive the car”, they said, “It’ll help you move,” they said.  It proved to be a good strategy because yes, I went back and bought the car.  One step closer…




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The “afterlife”, sort of…

I was messaging with my daughter in PA yesterday and I referred to ‘our recent cold spell’ here in FL.  She found that thought to be hilarious, but I told her that the struggle was real.  The fact that I was too cold had me hunkered down in place for a couple of days, not making much progress with the move.  But I shut down my yard sale at about 2:30 and ventured down the road to see if I could accomplish some unpacking/organizing there.  And I purposely left in time in time to stop at what now will be my closest sunset location, Hudson Beach.  Which comes complete with a beach bar, which just might become my new favorite place for a bite to eat, once I move, and once I get back to FL.  The sky was full of dark clouds, with a break in just the right place for some color.  And a very nice conversation with another photographer.  Life will go on…


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It’s cold!

This isn’t my photo.  I guess I’ll be able to see who actually reads the blog when people start asking where I am.  This is a stock photo I’ve been scrolling for this morning.  It seemed like a good idea because I’m freezing!  Literally freezing.  Bundled up in sweater, socks, fleece lined slippers, and I can’t think about anything except how cold I am.  And yes, I do see the irony of going on and on about wanting to go north to see family and friends, and the first cold snap in Florida has me hunkered down and hiding out, waiting for the sun.  It will warm up here in a day or two, but not so where I’m heading.  I visited last year in April and half froze to death.  And the year before that I visited my son’s house as May turned into June and sat in the house wrapped in blankets waiting to leave.  And yet even knowing that I have been looking forward to taking snowy landscape pictures without ever once picturing how cold I’ll be while I attempt to take them.  And those last trips north seem to mean that I’ll be too cold until June, or there-abouts.  I’m pretty sure that this year will be the exception for me.  This snowbird will get her seasons straightened out and make sure I’m in Florida for the winter months.  After all, here we will be seeing the annual migration of birds to the area, and for months we’ll be able to go out to the state parks and wildlife preserves to see nature in all her glory.  That’ll be next year.

I was scrolling for a winter snowsuit picture to wind up with and one of them reminded me of how the kids used to do a running, head-first, somersault onto their jackets, and come up on their feet with they jackets on.  Don’t know that I’ll master that technique but I wonder if this comes in my size?


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One of these days…

The day will come, eventually.  The day when there is nothing to do but go out and take pictures, and play on the computer.  And when that glorious day comes there will be hugs to give, and better yet to receive.  I’m not quite there yet, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.  So it’s back to work, but not work-work, just the work of making a life change happen.  It hasn’t been easy, but I know it will be worth it…11-28springhillsunrise.jpg

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New neighborhood, nice sunset…

It’s complicated, this move.  That the house sold at all came as a surprise to me, but in a day?  And the opportunity to buy in an over-55 mobile community was even better news.  After my very needed, and wonderfully long, visit ‘up north’ over the summer I was in a quandary, needing more time up north, but also needing to be in FL and keep my healthcare plan.  This move will allow me to be a snow bird, able to retire, again, and enjoy the best of both worlds.  But the actual physical ‘move’ has been exhausting, because I’ve had access to the new place so I have moved a few boxes a day and it has felt endless.  I must have made progress because I have arrived at the particularly frustrating time when I walk into the bedroom, pick up the TV remote, turn and click only to realize that the TV and the bureau it sat on are both at the new place.  And I decided to bring steamed, spiced, shrimp to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving, got everything ready,  and I opened the cupboard where I keep the spices and it was empty.  My underwear is at one house and my socks at the other.  I fixed that today though.  Now almost all my clothes are at the new place, I’m sure that won’t cause a problem at all.

When the papers are signed Ozzie and I will be hitting the road.  Being a snowbird doesn’t usually mean you are up north in the winter, but I need to be there.  So does Ozzie, because he’s not supposed to be in the park.  There is a no pets policy that’s been in place for years.  But in today’s world if you have a service dog they must be allowed free access.  If I was the sort of person who enjoyed a fight I’d bring him in and not care what repercussions come from that.  But I hate conflict, so I will head north now and see what happens.  Ozzie is the last of his litter still with us and I know that he probably doesn’t have a lot of time ahead of him.  But they will be good days, I’ll make sure of that.  He and I are in this together after all, he’s my boy, so I have to hedge my bets…11-25support dog

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When I was newly divorced, give or take 40 years ago, I drove my ex-husband and his then girlfriend now wife, crazy.  I called him.  A lot.  No, not to fix a plumbing leak or anything.  I called because I found the day-to-day responsibility of raising the kids to be a bit overwhelming.  We were a Navy family, living far away from all family, and having few friends.  No one else knew my kids well besides him.  And what if I dropped dead?  He would have to take the kids on immediately and I wanted him to know where they were ‘at’.  I needed to feel that he was up to speed with them. So when an issue had come up and I had handled it I would call him, tell him what had happened and how I had handled it, and he would always tell me I had handled it just right and he wouldn’t have changed anything.  If a divorce can be a good thing then we had a good divorce.  I needed validation.

Which all came to mind this morning when my soft-boiled eggs turned out perfectly.  I must still be seeking validation because I get quite pleased with myself when that happens, and I feel like the universe has given me a little pat on the back.  And then I won my very first game of solitaire this morning.  I have a solitaire-playing friend who suggested that my shuffling skills aren’t the greatest, but I choose to be encouraged that my life-changes that are underway have me on the right track.  In spades!  I’ll take validation any way I can get it.