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Kalmus Beach…

Kalmus beach was where I was headed for the sunset last night.  On the map it appeared to be facing west, and it was in range of the restaurant where I was meeting an old friend last night.  Re-meeting since it had been about 50 years since we’d seen each other.  Both the sunset and the meeting didn’t disappoint.  I walk around with a constant buzz in my chest these days.  I like to think that my heart is literally warmed to be here after pining for home for a very long time.  I could lament about the time I missed with these special people, in this place that I have always treasured as home, but I’m here now.  And it’s the only place I want to be.  In my younger years there were too many distractions, too many demands on my attention.  This time of life is when you can savor just what you have, and how lucky you really are.1-9-19kalmussunset91-9-19kalmussunset11-9-19kalmussunset31-9-19kalmussunset41-9-19kalmussunset51-9-19kalmussunset61-9-19kalmussunset71-9-19kalmussunset8

This last photo was taken after the tripod and camera had taken a nose dive into the wet sand.  Face first, which was unfortunate for the camera with a lovely tulip shaped lens cover that stays in place and just folds and unfolds to allow the lens to zoom and retract.  Sand was caked into all the nooks and crannies.  I worked to get the sand out quickly since the camera would go to sleep on it’s own in a minute, and the lens cap would attempt to close.  I took the picture in an effort to keep the cover open and buy some time.  But it couldn’t close and I went to visit with my friend.  When I got the camera out later it was closed.  I will investigate further today, but first I need more coffee.

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Armstrong-Kelly Park…

Armstrong-Kelly Park isn’t the easiest place to find.  The GPS couldn’t find it even when I entered it’s actual street address into it.  I gave up on it the first time I tried to go there, but my sister directed me to it yesterday.  We hoped for a nice picture of the holly tree that is planted there in honor of my brother-in-law, but we’ll come back in the spring to try that again.

My brother-in-law wasn’t a big man.  He was small, actually.  He was about my height and I out-weighed him all the years I knew him.  He.was quiet. Worked all day and came home, had a beer and watched TV.  There was no inkling of what a big man he actually was until he died.  That’s when the crew from Bartlett Tree Experts took over the planning of his funeral, and the stories they told of his expertise at his job astounded all of us I think.  They said that there was probably not a street on Cape Cod that hadn’t benefitted from his hard work.  The story I remember best was about a homeowner who wanted a gigantic boulder moved from one side of his lawn to another.  A Bartlett truck was on the scene, and the crew of workers were standing there trying to decide how they were going to accomplish this task when Neil pulled up.  He got his winches and pulleys out of his truck and got to work.  He had the boulder moved in no time flat, loaded up his tools and left the rest of the crew standing there scratching their heads.  No, he wasn’t a big man, but he had a big impact on his little piece of the world.

This holly tree was planted to honor Neil for his 50 years of hard work for Barlett.  He trained a lot of arborists in his day also, so his influence is still sending ripples out into nature.  Such a quiet little man, who left a legacy behind him.



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The property to the left of the road belongs to my sister.  I hadn’t ventured beyond the house before, thinking that there wasn’t much else beyond it since the street itself ended in a cut de sac right there.  Oh I had seen pick up trucks turn into this road, I just hadn’t thought much about it.  That there was a horse farm behind her property was something I’d heard, but I must have always been here in the summer when the woods back there appeared to be endless. Any truck heading down this little road would just disappear, swallowed up by the woods.  If her dog hadn’t barked at any and all traffic I wouldn’t have known they’d come through at all.  I think I might have heard a horse once or twice, but the other day I actually saw a couple of them.  They were wearing blankets since it was so cold, and it was just a glimpse of them in the pasture, through the trees.  There is no real point to this story since Ozzie didn’t see them, but if he had it would have been a much more exciting story, for him at least.  And a PITA for me.  He wouldn’t try to chase them, or even try to fit through the fence, but he’d happily stand there and bark his head off at them.  I prefer him to keep a low profile so I can drink coffee on the deck and watch him wander unleashed.

I missed a few photo ops on the nice drive to the Nip the other day.  It was a crisp, clear day with nice light.  And now it’s been raining.  All day yesterday, and it’s gloomy again today.  And now I remember hating January.  Gray, cold, boring, January.  And it’s not even here yet.  Once I get this snowbird thing straight I’ll be in lush, green, Florida at this time of year.  Out photographing all the flowers and wildlife that also love to spend their winters there.  But here I am, and yes, it’s gray, but I’ll finally be seeing my oldest, dearest friend today.  Even lovely, warm, Florida can’t hold a candle to being with the people I love…

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It’s cold!

This isn’t my photo.  I guess I’ll be able to see who actually reads the blog when people start asking where I am.  This is a stock photo I’ve been scrolling for this morning.  It seemed like a good idea because I’m freezing!  Literally freezing.  Bundled up in sweater, socks, fleece lined slippers, and I can’t think about anything except how cold I am.  And yes, I do see the irony of going on and on about wanting to go north to see family and friends, and the first cold snap in Florida has me hunkered down and hiding out, waiting for the sun.  It will warm up here in a day or two, but not so where I’m heading.  I visited last year in April and half froze to death.  And the year before that I visited my son’s house as May turned into June and sat in the house wrapped in blankets waiting to leave.  And yet even knowing that I have been looking forward to taking snowy landscape pictures without ever once picturing how cold I’ll be while I attempt to take them.  And those last trips north seem to mean that I’ll be too cold until June, or there-abouts.  I’m pretty sure that this year will be the exception for me.  This snowbird will get her seasons straightened out and make sure I’m in Florida for the winter months.  After all, here we will be seeing the annual migration of birds to the area, and for months we’ll be able to go out to the state parks and wildlife preserves to see nature in all her glory.  That’ll be next year.

I was scrolling for a winter snowsuit picture to wind up with and one of them reminded me of how the kids used to do a running, head-first, somersault onto their jackets, and come up on their feet with they jackets on.  Don’t know that I’ll master that technique but I wonder if this comes in my size?


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When is a sunset not a sunset?

When it’s just the sky on your way home from work at 5 PM.  Pretty enough, but no place to stop for a nice picture.  And no camera with you, well, besides your phone.  And Ozzie patiently waiting for you to come home, as if you arriving home was going to mean fun for him.  It wasn’t.  Working on your feet from 8 to 5 is pretty darn tiring these days.  Or maybe it’s like being on short time in the service, because I know I only have a week more to work and I’m done.  And yes, there are mixed emotions associated with this.  I will miss my co-workers who were there for me these last four years as I figured out how to keep on going on my own.  Work was my social life, and I was happy to be home every night.  And then I wasn’t.

This mental turning point took me by surprise.  A friend describes hiking all the 4,000 ft peaks in the White Mountains, and how when you get to the top it can be extremely cold and windy, and you have to struggle to cross that peak and get to the tree line on the other side to find shelter from the weather.  I have never climbed mountains, but I found myself realizing that the safe little harbor that I’ve been enjoying wasn’t going to sustain me in the long run, and that presented an emotional hurdle that I’ve found to be the mental equivalent of crossing that mountain peak. First to face the reality of the situation, and then to resist the urge to stick my head in the sand and do nothing.  Or I could venture into the unknown, so to speak.  But I’ve gotten there, I have rolled the dice even though I have no idea what’s next, besides the movers coming today to move the few larger items that I’m bringing with me to my tiny new Florida home.   Tiny home and tiny expenses, and time to have an adventure or two.  I’m just a fireman’s daughter who has been telling myself that being all tucked in at home was all I needed to be happy.  But maybe there is more…

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Peaceful places…

I’m not sure why but my GPS took me on a route I’d never been on when I left Cape Cod last Wednesday.  I was happy it did because I noticed a pretty little harbor and stopped for photos.  The boats were all at anchor, it struck me as a sleepy little place.  Only later did I notice that I was in the town of Weymouth, MA.  Weymouth, where a policeman was killed recently during a routine traffic stop, along with an innocent woman killed in her home in the same incident.  Sleepy and peaceful for days, and weeks, and years, but not immune to the craziness that we see on the news all the time.  Even in the aftermath it’s hard to imagine that such horrific things can and do happen in such lovely places.