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Boothbay Harbor…

After I arrived at this very nice campground, and got myself almost set up, I was starving and I couldn’t resist heading to Boothbay Harbor.  I had been here a couple of times before.  Once was supposed to be a day trip to Acadia National Park with my husband and kids.  We were a couple of hours into the trip from MA when I turned the  page in the atlas and discovered that we had MILES to go.  Oops.  So we stopped at Boothbay Harbor instead.  I guess this flying by the seat of my pants thing is nothing new.

This time it’s only a 10 minute drive from the campground, so I headed down and spotted a wharf where I could get a clam roll and sit on the wharf and take pictures.  I saw Bud Light/happy hour sign and asked the bartender if it was too late for happy hour.  He said it depended on whether I was happy or not.  I said I was.  Then he asked if I wanted a pitcher.  I told him I wasn’t that happy.  I ate my clams and drank my (one) beer, and exhaustion set in.  I thought I was going to wait to get some sunset pictures, but there was an hour to go and I just couldn’t manage it.  I always have been a cheap date.BBharborHDR1BBharborHDR2BBharborHDR3BBharborHDR4BBharborHDR5BBharborHDR6

'scene' along the way, a second look, adventure, Camping, finding my way, fun, memories, moments, nature, perseverance, photography, road trip, technology, travel


I told myself that I needed to do this, camping I mean, ‘while I am still able’.  I may have been a bit optimistic about how able I really am.  Yesterday kicked my butt.  All I left myself to do yesterday was hitch up the car and I’d be off.  Thought I had that down to a science.  Not quite.  I got it done but it took driving the car up onto boards to raise the hitch up to match the camper.  There was a hill involved.  Did it by myself, almost, though my friend flipped the lever to actually hitch it up.  Then a 3 1/2 hour drive, then set up.  But here I am, and I’ve been here before.  I lived near here one summer while my husband’s ship was being worked on at Bath, ME shipyards.  Do I remember being here?  Sorta.  My two memories are that I was filling the tub and my daughter, 15 months or so, tossed my favorite leather shoes in and basically ruined them.  And a failed photo op.  She was bending over trying to smell a flower, picture the position, the grassy lawn, the dandelion, the chubby cheeks.  I got A picture, but not the one I wanted.  Maybe I’ll get a second chance while I’m here, but with someone else’s adorable daughter…Shorehills1Shorehills2This morning’s challenges were to figure out what was up with the electricity so that I could make coffee and charge the computer.  Done, thank goodness!  It’s another day, gloomy, with a possible storm later so I’d better get moving…

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Gazing ball…

Her husband said we were two peas in a pod.  He said it was a shame we haven’t lived close enough to be part of each other’s day-to-day life all along.  And now we are both alone, and I’ve come to visit for a while, but I’ve been a little too comfy with my oldest, dearest friend.  And too well-then-care-of, what with the toasted tomato sandwiches with just-picked tomatoes.  It would be so much easier to stay here and enjoy the conversation over coffee, and the cribbage by candlelight out on the porch, with a glass of wine.

But change is in the air, it’s time to move on, for both of us.  I will move along tomorrow, heading for coastline and lighthouses. And that’s as far as my plan goes.  Her plan is still writing itself.  I looked into this gazing ball in her garden today, and wondered if it were a crystal ball would I want to know the future?  Would she? Or would we rather keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust that we are heading down just the right path for ourselves?   Okay, maybe just a little peek???

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Four thousand feet up…

Among the camping stories I’ve heard is one that’s easier to imagine after riding the tram up to the top of Canon mountain the other day.  In the story my friend was called to school for a conference, seemed the teacher thought his son was telling tall tales.  In the story they were hiking and it was so cold and windy as they attempted to cross the peak that the adults linked arms with each other, forming a circle with the littlest kid in the middle, and then had to take one united step at a time to reach the shelter of the tree line on the other side.  I imagine the teacher was quite surprised to hear that that was a true story, and my friend never got called to school again.

I thought how nice it would be for him to look out at the view from the top, the view he’d hiked to see so many times in his life.  A view I had only seen once before, and hadn’t climbed a mountain to see it either.  But it was so cold and windy that I was only outside long enough for a couple of pictures and we rode the tram back down again.  Back down to the perfectly sunny and warm day that had inspired the trip in the first place.  I guess it was just the facts of life, mountain style.CanonmtpanoCanontram

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Scenic New Hampshire…

When I first set out from Florida on this trip I lamented that I was seeing beautiful scenery as I drove, but there was no place to pull over and enjoy it.  And take pictures course.  But that doesn’t seem to be a problem in New Hampshire.  There was no shortage of lovely scenery on our drive yesterday, and lots of places for you to pull over for viewing.  As we drove the Kancamagus Highway there were cars lining the road periodically, but not a soul to be seen.  They were all hikers who had disappeared into the woods at the many trailheads that we passed by.  My tour guide pointed out the points of interest by name, the mountains he had climbed and places he had camped, most with stories of the fun he’d had over the years.  And that great laugh to go with each one.

Satdriveelephanthead2SatdriveelephantheadHe was pointing off into the trees and mountains and insisting that Elephant Head was there, but it took me a while to see it.  The elephant even has an eye the size of a dinner plate.  Since my NH friend hadn’t ever heard of it I was taking pictures even before I had spotted it.  Of course once I spotted it I wondered how I didn’t see it.Satdriveold man

The Old Man of the Mountain is such a part of NH that it’s worth taking note of where he used to be.  My friend announces that ‘there’s the old man’ even now that he’s gone.

SatdriveMt.washingtonThis view of the Mt. Washington hotel took me by surprise.  I’d been there before but never dreamed it was nearby at that moment.  There had been fog at the tops of the mountains even as we set out that morning, and the clouds look ominous here.  But the day turned out to be sunny, until after we had gotten back and the rain came pouring down.  Quite a few hikers must have gotten drenched.SatdrivescenicoverlookSatdrivescenicoverlook3Satdrivescenicoverlook4The trees in the foreground at the scenic overlooks have grown up so tall that you don’t see the scenery that you saw years ago.  Or so I’m told.  I’m also told that this drive is spectacular when it’s decked out in fall foliage.  I’m sure it is.  I was hoping to stay north long enough to see the fall colors, but I find that I’m beginning to look forward to being home in Florida.  Nice when you can call where ever you are ‘home.’


'scene' along the way, adventure, friends, fun, memories, moments, nature, perseverance, photography, road trip, travel

Blair Bridge…

He isn’t a big man, but he has the biggest laugh that seems to come from deep in his chest.  You are most likely to hear it when he tells a story from his years of hiking and backpacking in the White Mountains.  Blair Bridge is one of those places that features in at least one of his stories, and I got to go there yesterday.

No, there is no curve to the bridge.  That’s what happens when you try to take a panoramic shot from a lousy perspective.  Access to the bridge is tricky, and there are heavy power lines in exactly the wrong place for a good shot upriver. I liked the iPhone picture from inside the restaurant best.  It’s called the Blair Bridge Farm to Table, and it also figures the backpacking tales.  I heard some stories, and that nice laugh, a lot yesterday. BlairbridgefromrestaurantBlairbridgeviewfromunderBlairbridgefrontview

I should have hiked along the river for some better pictures, but we needed to move on.  There was so much more to see on this short trip, and it may be a while before he sees his mountains again…